keto homemade staples

Keto Homemade Staples

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Keto Homemade Staples

Keto Homemade Staples

Have you ever been in a jam and couldn’t make it to the store?  I’ve been there too! And when it happens, it is great to have some keto homemade staple recipes ready to go!

Now, some people WANT to make keto homemade staples and others are forced to by circumstance. Either way, its good to have some ideas.

Whatever the case may be for you, let’s go through some awesome keto homemade staples that you can easily whip up with items you have on hand. And if you don’t have everything on hand, you can easily substitute ingredients with whatever you DO have on hand.

Keto Homemade Staples

Keto Breads

Let's start with some breads and dinner rolls! Fresh baked goods are the first thing to go at stores in the case of an emergency It is also one of the easier things to make at home, especially keto bread.

Keto Noodles and "Rice"

Noodles and Rice have long been a staple to have on hand when you can't get to the store. Being on keto adds a little whammy there, but we can still make our own noodles and rice with some common keto pantry items. And if you don't have an item, easy substitutions can be made.

Keto Spices

Spices can be your best friend when you can get to the store or are stuck at home. These keto spices mixes can spice up your meats, cauliflower rice, zoodles, and even breads!

Keto Sauces and Condiments

CONDIMENTS! One of my favorite keto things to make! If you are low on marinades meats and need something to dip it in or need to spice up your sandwich - I got you covered!

Keto Snacks

Let's face it, keto snacks are a must! They are what keeps us from grabbing a REALLY naughty snack. And in a real emergency when full meals are limited, they can get us through some tough times.

Keto Meats

If you have some meat in your freezer, here are some simple ideas for a tasty dinner base. Several options, easy ingredients.

Meal Prep

If you have some ground beef or chicken breasts/thighs stocked up in the freezer - you can easily turn it into lunches for the week or some base dinner ideas. So different, in fact, that the kids won't even complain about eating the same thing!


And a few final fun keto goodies to make at home if you can't or don't want to buy it at the store!

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