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Double coconut chocolate cashew bites

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  Double coconut chocolate cashew bites I’m reasonable when it comes to constructing new dinner recipes, but I’m still getting the hang of fat bombs.  This is my first dessert/fat bomb original recipe so far!  I have to say that I think these Low Carb, Ketogenic Double Coconut Chocolate Cashew bites are pretty darn good! 

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Southwestern Skillet Breakfast

Keto Southwestern Skillet Breakfast

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Eggs can get boring.  Let’s be real.  BUT they are a fantastic item for breakfast.  This Keto Southwestern Skillet Breakfast will surely break the boring egg for breakfast cycle!   Southwestern Skillet Breakfast This Southwestern Skillet Breakfast is a real treat!  I like to make this after making my Keto Beef Burritos and so I

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Krug's Everyday spice

Krug’s Keto Every Day Spice

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  Krug’s Everyday Spice Do you ever want a handy-dandy ketogenic spice mixture to jazz up your meat?  What about your veggies? If you like a little bit of zing, then this is the perfect spice mix.  Not too much zing, but just enough.   I decided to get smart and stop re-inventing the wheel every time

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Keto Chocolate Bulletproof Coffee

Chocolate Keto Bulletproof Coffee

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Bulletproof coffee – either you like it or don’t like it.  If you like it, turn it into a Chocolate Keto Bulletproof Coffee and LOVE it! Keto Bulletproof coffee Ah… Bulletproof coffee….  I’m sure you’ve heard of keto bulletproof coffee.  But if you are like me and HATE coffee but still want to get the benefit,

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