A glass jar filled with Chocolate Protein Mud Drink, sprinkled with oats on top, next to a wooden spoon with protein powder, all placed on a marble surface with a white cloth partially visible.

Chocolate Protein Mud Drink

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Try out this fun new spin on the traditional mud drink. Make yourself a chocolate protein mud drink and you can thank me afterward!

Chocolate Protein Mud Drink

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Mud Drink

If you've never heard of MudWtr, you might be scratching your head wondering what you got yourself into with this recipe. Let me assure you that you are in for a treat.

Not only will you probably find your new favorite drink here, but you will also get to enjoy the amazing health benefits that come along with it!

What is a Mud Drink?

So what is mud water or a mud drink anyway? MudWtr is a coffee alternative that is a combination of different mushroom powders, cacao, cinnamon, and salt. You can either make your own homemade MudWtr or buy it on Amazon.

Not only does it add a really nice flavor, but your body will thank you once it hits your system. A mud drink is simply a nutrient-dense drink that is packed full of flavor and has endless benefits for the body.

A Mud Drink.

Mud Drink Options

It is really easy to make this mud drink! Let's go through the choices before we get to the instructions.

Protein Powder

You can choose whatever protein powder you'd like for this mud drink. I'm going to list my favorites below that I alternate between depending on what eating plan I am following.


When I want my protein powder to be low in carbs and paleo friendly, I opt for the PaleoPro cacao protein powder. This has only 1g of carbs and is fully dairy free and paleo compliant. I oscillate between the chocolate and vanilla, but the chocolate is my favorite!

Low/Moderate Carb

When I am taking a break from keto or carnivore, I will allow a few more carbs in. During these periods, I am a huge fan of Shakeology. There are so many Shakeology benefits to this nutritious shake.

The Shakeology Ingredients speak for themselves with their special protein blend, digestive blend, antioxidant blend, adaptogens, supergreens, vitamins, and minerals. Additionally, this peer-reviewed study showed it to curb appetite. Score! You can Order Shakeology Here.


Lastly, when I am eating carnivore (like I am at the time of writing this). my favorite protein powder is Further Foods, which also happens to be keto approved (of course). Minimal ingredients and healthy as it gets!

Making a mud Drink


You have two options with the MudWtr. You can either buy it on Amazon or you can make your own homemade MudWtr. I suggest investing a little more upfront and making your own because it will last a lot longer and be much cheaper in the long run.


Finally, you have your liquid choice. Almond milk and water are my favorite choices. Almond milk will make it a bit thicker than water.

How to Make a Mud Water

First, decide on your ingredients and gather them up!

Making a Mud drink.

Add everything to your blender and get to blending! That is it!

Making a Mud Drink

What Does Mud Water Taste Like?

MudWtr by itself has a very earthy flavor but in a sweet way. When you add it to a protein shake, however, it can really enhance the flavor.

This chocolate protein mud drink is rich with chocolate, infused with a slight earthy tone, and an all around satiating finish.

A Mud Drink.

Is This Mud Drink Keto Friendly?

This mud drink can definitely be keto friendly as it all depends on the protein powder that is used. The homemade MudWtr and also the traditional MudWtr are both keto friendly.

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A glass jar filled with Chocolate Protein Mud Drink, sprinkled with oats on top, next to a wooden spoon with protein powder, all placed on a marble surface with a white cloth partially visible.

Chocolate Protein Mud Drink

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Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes



  • Add all the ingredients to a blender and mix until well combined. Add ice for thickness and add liquid if it needs to be less thick. Enjoy cold.


Nutritional information not included because it heavily depends on the protein powder used. The net carbs for 1 tablespoon of the MudWtr is 4.
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