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Congratulations on your desire to begin a new health routine and start filling the nutritional gaps.  Not only have you feeling amazing in no time, but will give your body what it needs. There are 2 options to order Shakeology (both are RISK FREE):

Shakeology money back guarantee

  1. You can order just Shakeology for $129. For around $4 a day, you get a meal, the nutrients your body needs, fiber, adaptogens, digestive support and so much more. It would cost WAY more to piece that together. YOU are worth that investment.
  2. You can order a YEAR of BODi with a month’s supply of Shakeology for $199 with code TRINATSP20. BODi is regularly priced at $179 for the year and so you get a month’s supply of Shakeology for only $20. Totally worth it! I recommend this one!

If you don’t know what BODi is, I highly recommend it. Read this article: What is BODi? It is a HUGE virtual fitness platform that includes 1000s of on-demand and live fitness classes that you can do in the privacy of your own home. There are recipes, meal plans, community, mindset support and so much more. You can’t beat that for less than $15/month.

Choose an option and you can buy RISK FREE below.

Shakeology money back guarantee

Ways to Fit Shakeology Into a Low Carb Lifestyle

Order Shakeology Only

Below you can order Shakeology directly through me. Definitely have it auto-shipped for convenience!

Order Shakeology With BODi

If you want to order BODi and Shakeology for $199 with code TRINATSP20, awesome! You can do so below!

Learn More

If you want to learn more about BODi and Shakeology, here are a few articles to get you going:

Shakeology Ingredients and Benefits

Is Shakeology Keto Friendly?

What is BODi?

What is a BODi Membership?

How Can Shakeology Fit My Macros?

First, make sure you read Is Shakeology Keto Friendly? If you’ve already read that then you have some ideas. I drink it every day. Some days I’m in ketosis. Some days not. You can use it daily. Or every other day. Or in desserts. Split a scoop with your partner.  Buy a month’s supply and share it with your family. So many options to be healthy and make it fit!

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