A jar filled with ingredients for making Homemade MudWtr next to two cinnamon sticks on a rustic white wooden background.

Homemade MudWtr For Cheap: A Coffee Alternative

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If you fell in love with MudWtr, but not the price, then you will love this delicious homemade MudWtr blend for your coffee alternative.

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Homemade MudWtr

I will admit that I drank the official Mud/Wtr brand for about a year until I just couldn’t stomach the cost anymore. I did like it, but it was quite expensive. By looking at the ingredients, it was quite easy to come up with a homemade version.

I tried several batches before getting it just right. The very first one was way too high in turmeric and packed quite the punch. Each one thereafter was just perfect. Tasted good and had the same look and feel as the traditional mud water drink powder.

If you buy the MudWtr ingredients in bulk and make large batches, you will save a TON of money and get all the amazing benefits.

MudWtr Ingredients

There is a powerhouse of ingredients for this mud water drink powder. Not a single filler or ingredient that doesn’t directly contribute to this homemade MudWtr blend! Below are all the amazing ingredients that you can simply click on and stock up!

Homemade MudWtr in a mason jar.

How to Make Your Own MudWtr Recipe

This is one of the most simple recipes I have on this site to make! The hardest part of collecting all the ingredients and measuring them out!

Making Homemade Mudwr with ingredients.

Add all ingredients to either a bowl or a sealable container of sorts (preferred) and get it all mixed up.

Ingredients in a white bowl.

Leave in the container and store in the fridge or a dark, cool place.

Mushroom Benefits

Mushrooms have long been studied for their plethora of health benefits such as having positive effects on cancer, IDB, obesity, inflammation, and gut health [1].

According to UCLA Health, mushrooms are known to provide the following benefits[2]:

  1. Decrease risk of cancer
  2. Lower sodium intake
  3. Promote lower cholesterol
  4. Protect brain health
  5. Source of vitamin D
  6. Healthier gut
  7. Healthy immune system

Whether the mushrooms are eaten whole or in powder form, the benefits are still there. You can’t go wrong with mushrooms (assuming you stick with the edible ones, that is).

Ingredients in a shaker.

How to Store

This MudWtr replacement should be stored in a cool, dark place. The container should ideally be glass and have a sealable lid. The refrigerator is the best storage place, but out of direct sunlight in a cupboard works as well.

I like to store mine in a large container and then fill up a small mason jar that is what I use each day. When that runs out, I pull out the large container and fill up the mason jar. That keeps the main portion in proper storage for longer.

Homemade MudWtr in a mason jar.

Is MudWtr Keto Friendly?

Yes, MudWtr is keto friendly. This homemade version is 4 net carbs per serving. There is no added sweetener and everything is naturally occurring.

The regular MudWtr brand that you can get on Amazon is 3 net carbs. So they are quite similar.

How to Use MudWtr

There are endless ways you can use this MudWtr recipe! My two favorite ways are to use it in place of a coffee creamer (yes you can put it in coffee) and to make a morning shake like this Chocolate Protein Mud Drink!

A jar filled with ingredients for making Homemade MudWtr next to two cinnamon sticks on a rustic white wooden background.

Copycat MudWtr

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Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes


  • Measure out each ingredient and put them into a bowl or a sealable container. Mix well. Be careful pouring the ingredients as they are very powdery.


Serving: 1tablespoon
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[1] https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33792430/

[2] https://www.uclahealth.org/news/7-health-benefits-of-mushrooms

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