How to toast almond flour

How to make toasted almond flour

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Have you ever wondered how to toast almond flour to make something similar to bread crumbs?  Learn how to make toasted almond flour and use it for everything from pie crusts to tater tots!

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How to Toast Almond Flour

How to make toasted almond flour

I just recently made a Graham Cracker Pie Crust that uses toasted almond flour. 

And then there were the Tater Tots!   

How can we forget the single serve Coconut Cream Pie Cups?   

All SOOOO yummy! 

They all have something in common - toasted almond flour!  

It was something I had never used before and it took me a few tries to not burn it.    It is actually quite simple and opens up a TON of doors for baking things that really do need something similar in consistency to bread crumbs or graham crackers.     

Toasting almond flour, while simple, requires attention.  Let me point out the 2  mistakes I made to get those out of the way first!

  1. I wasn't attentive.  It will seem like it is not toasting and then all of a sudden it toasts QUICKLY and if you aren't paying attention it will burn.
  2. I didn't smash down the almond flour and so some of the chunks got toasted on the outside but not on the inside.

Those are the top 2 pitfalls and if you can avoid those then the rest should be smooth sailing!

If you see a recipe that calls for toasted almond flour, I know you may be in a hurry or tempted to use just regular almond flour....  I've done it and it is categorically not the same. 

Take the time and toast it!

Toasted Almond Flour

What you need

  1. Medium size frying type pan
  2. Almond flour
  3. Spatula

Pretty simple so far, right?

How to toast almond flour

almond flour

I'm going to show the difference as we go along!

Above you can see 2 bowls with regular almond flour.  I'm going to toast the one on the right!

1. Pour however much almond flour you want to toast into the pan.  Smash it down so the chunks are gone and it is an even layer in the pan.

Tasting Almond flour in a pan

2. Heat over medium heat.  You will be tempted to turn up the temperature in the first few minutes.  DON'T give in to the temptation!

3. After about 1 minute, start stirring every few seconds.  Make sure you are constantly rotating the flour.  It takes a while, but suddenly it will start toasting and it will be done in a FLASH! 

4. Once it starts browning, stir CONTINUOUSLY until the desired level of toasting is reached.  

Toasting Almond flour in a pan

5. Quickly remove from heat and remove from pan.

BOOM!  That's it! 

Toasted Almond Flour before and after

Store in an airtight container or use right away.  I would recommend using it right away.  But I have used it over a few day period before and it was still good!


As I've stated several times and I'm going to state again - be patient. 

You won't notice much is happening but it slowly changes color and then suddenly begins to brown.  Be attentive and patient and you will have beautifully toasted almond flour!

Let me know what recipes you use this in!

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