Keto Graham Cracker Crust

A fabulous Keto Graham Cracker Crust can be the most satisfying base crust for just about any pie!  I created this pie crust for my Keto Graham Cracker Pie that was a childhood favorite!  I could not tell the difference!




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Keto Graham Cracker Pie


Keto Graham Cracker Pie Crust


I set out to make a Graham Crack Pie.  You know the one, right?  The old fashion pie that you had when you were a kid?  Ok, well that is what it was for me.  

There are some Graham Cracker Crust recipes out there on the internet, but none that appealed to me.  So, of course, I created my own.

The key is to toast the almond flour.  This is quite easy to master and quite easy to quickly mess up too.  The first time I tasted almond flour, I burnt it. 

Also – make sure you use powdered erythritol when it is called for!


Keto Graham Cracker Pie Crust


Now, all pie crusts are not made equal!  This one has a rich, cinnamon, “graham cracker” flavor.  If you are looking for a lighter crust and one that you can make those beautiful crisscrosses with on top – check out this tasty cream cheese keto pie crust.  YUM!


How to make a keto graham cracker pie crust


You are in for a treat here because there is nothing fancy that has to occur!

All the ingredients can just get dumped into a bowl and mixed with a spatula.  BOOM.  


Keto Graham Cracker Pie Crust


Do I need to bake my graham cracker crust?


No this one!  Some you do and some you don’t.  I use this one in both cooked and no bake pies.  


How to toast almond flour


Are you ready for this?  You add the almond flour to a pan, over medium heat.  Then constantly stir until the almond flour is browned and fragrant. 

It doesn’t have to really be CONSTANT, but every few seconds you should be getting the bottom layer off the heat and mixing it up.  That’s it!  It takes about 5-7 minutes.

For more detailed instructions, see How To Toast Almond Flour


How to make powdered erythritol


Are you ready for more complex instructions?  Kidding, of course….

All you need is a food processor of sorts (could be as fancy as a ninja or as simple as a magic bullet.  I have both and both work!  Then you simply blend the erythritol for a minute or two until it gets fluffy like powdered sugar. 

It won’t be quite as fluffy as real powdered sugar, but will definitely be fluffier than regular erythritol.  You can also buy powdered erythritol too, but I prefer to make my own.


How To Make Powdered Erythritol or Monkfruit from Trina Krug on Vimeo.



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Let me know what you use this crust with!


Yield: 16

Keto Graham Cracker Pie Crust

Keto Graham Cracker Pie Crust



  1. Preheat oven to 350 (if you are baking this on it's own. No need to bake first if you bake your pie).
  2. Grease pie pan with coconut oil.
  3. In a medium bowl, mix all ingredients well with spatula.
  4. Fold the mixture with the spatula towards the end to get a good mixture.
  5. Add pie mixture to prepared pie pan. Using your hands or spatula, press the mixture out evenly.
  6. Add to oven and bake for 8-10 minutes

Nutrition Information



Serving Size

1 slice

Amount Per Serving Calories 69 Total Fat 7g Saturated Fat 4g Trans Fat 0g Unsaturated Fat 2g Cholesterol 15mg Sodium 61mg Carbohydrates 3g Fiber 0g Sugar 1g Protein 0g
Nutrition is calculated using a third party plug-in. It is best to always validate!


keto graham cracker crust