what are bodi blocks

What is a BODi Block?

BODi (formerly Beachbody) has come out with this amazing addition to their world class at-home fitness and nutrition platform called the BODi Block. If you are curious about what BODi Blocks are, then keep on reading!

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BODi Beachbody

For starters, which is it? BODi? Beachbody? BODi Beachbody? The platform and company are now known as BODi. Along with the name change came a massive change in the platform, the offerings, the direction, the mission, the stance and so much more.

If you want to dive into the topic, be sure to check out the article What is BODi where we talk all about the change and the new direction for this even more amazing platform.

What is a BODi Block?

A BODi Block is super simple. It is a workout structure comprised of 3 weeks of work and 1 week of recovery. During the 3 weeks of work, there are 5 workouts per week. The recovery week backs off to allow your body to recover and reset. The workouts shift and there are fewer of them. But not only is this a time of rest for the body, but also the mind. It is also a time when you can recommit if you need to.

This entire concept is built upon periodization. Watch this great video directly from BODi that goes into more detail!

Why do BODi Blocks Work?

The basis for BODi blocks is built upon the concept of block periodization. This is challenging your body without overtraining it. So you have 3 weeks of work but then comes the recovery week that we talked about where your body can recover and recoup.

And this recovery week is important. You don’t have to sit on the couch, but back off a bit and try some new things. Throw in a yoga workout perhaps. But let your body recover so that it can come back stronger and ready to up the ante on your fitness.

You don’t wake up one day and go run a marathon that day without ever training. I actually did that once and I paid the price for about a month. I’m not even joking….. Anyway, run training, along with many other major sports, is also built upon this concept of block periodization. When I worked with a running coach, I had 3 weeks of building and then 1 week of recovery where the training would back off a bit and allow my body to recover.

It is a proven concept that works. And it works across the board and across sports.

what are bodi blocks

Types of BODi Blocks

There are several types of blocks and then the Super Block. There is something for everyone and enough variety to keep switching it up!

All BODi Block

The All BODi Block is just what it sounds like! It contains ALL the things: cardio, core, strength, mobility, and more! It is a well-rounded block that includes a little of everything.

Workouts are around 30 minutes.

Iron Block

For all those weightlifting fans out there – this one is for you! Not only will you get some good old-fashioned traditional weight lifting, but it is paired with split training! Putting these together will maximize your workout AND your calorie burn!

I will admit that these are my FAV!

Workouts are around 30 minutes.

Bike Block

Are you a cycling fan? This Bike Block is filled with cycle rides and strength. And just your boring everyday cycle rides, but rolling hills, intervals, climbs and so much more!

A fun hybrid plan to get all those muscles worked.

Workouts are around 30 minutes.

For Beginners Only Block

This Super Block is for those just beginning their fitness journey or someone who needs a good foundation to build upon. The only equipment needed is dumbells and resistance bands. Optional equipment is a chair and mat.

Taught by Lacee Green and this is bound to be a favorite among many!

Super Block

Each month there will be a Super Block which is taught by a super trainer. It will be a fresh remake of one of their most popular programs. See the calendar below for who is doing what month and what programs will be “remade”!

BODi Block Schedule

Below is the BODi schedule for the remainder of 2023. Each month there will be 4 blocks to choose from All BODi, Bike, Iron, and For Beginners Only. And then, of course, the monthly Super Block.

BODi Blocks calendar
Image source

When Do BODi Blocks Start?

Each BODi Block starts the first Monday of every month. But, is that a requirement? Not even a little bit! You can start them anytime you want.

It is a great schedule to follow, though, and you always know what to expect.

How Can I Access BODi Blocks?

If you reside in the United States, Canada, the UK, or France and have a BODi Membership, you can access the BODi Blocks. Click HERE to get a BODi membership if you don’t have one!

Once you have a BODi Membership, you can access the dashboard at any time and choose a BODi Block to work with. If you want to learn more about what a membership is, head on over to the BODi Membership article.

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