BODi membership

BODi Membership

A BODi Membership is the next best thing to having your own personal trainer, chef, and fitness center. I’m not even joking! Let’s explore the best option for you.

Change Your Mind… Your Habits… Your Life. Today.

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What is BODi?

If you are uncertain what BODi is, then you should quickly read the What is BODi article. This will take you deep into what BODi is, the company mission, and why you are going to love it.

Real quick though, BODi is an all-inclusive online wellness platform that provides live at-home workouts, recorded workouts, entire workout programs, bike programs, Yoga (you get the idea!), nutrition plans, recipes, mindset program, support and more. The company, formerly Beachbody, has changed its philosophy and direction greatly. And this change is encompassed first in their name change from Beachbody to BODi. Dropping the emphasis on “beach” and 6 pack abs. Their emphasis on happiness as a state of being, “have a dessert every day”, and a truly unique and individual approach to health and wellness is like nothing else out there at the moment.

The best part is that ALL of that is part of the BODi membership and is less than $15 per month. Now THAT is something to celebrate.

Now, you can get a STEAL if you want to add on a nutritional supplement at the same time and only pay an extra $20 when you use code TRINATSP20. This means you can get an ENTIRE month of Shakeology for only $20. Or First Thing. OR….. you name it!

BODi membership

BODi Membership Options

Here are my favorite ways to package BODI – and remember, if you enroll in one of the below packages, you get to use TRINATSP20 to save $20 off the already heavily discounted price.

BODi with Shakeology

This one is BY FAR the most popular. Shakeology is BODi’s signature daily nutritional meal replacement. But, have you heard? Shakeology is the new DESSERT! Have it in the morning for breakfast, as an afternoon snack or after dinner whipped up into a dessert! How cool is that?

Shakeology was designed to “benefit your overall health so you can feel better, provide healthy energy, support healthy weight loss, support regularity and healthy digestion and curb cravings”. Sounds beautiful, right? Get BODI with Shakeology.

There are tons of flavors to choose from and there is even a Vegan option. I actually choose the Vegan option because, ironically, it has less carbs than the whey based versions.

Current Flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Cafe Latte, Cookies and Cream & Cream. All of those (except Cookies and Cream) are available in both Whey and Vegan. Cookies and Cream only comes in Vegan.

BODi with First Thing

This is what I have for my Bodi Membership! First Thing is the ONLY thing I want in the morning right now! First Thing comes jam-packed with an immune support blend, a nootropic blend (for focus and mental energy), a stress defense blend, and an energy blend. It is the perfect way to start the day without all the chemicals. Try BODi with First Thing.

First Thing

How can you go wrong with ingredients like Vitamin C, Lion’s Mane, Ashwashanda, elderberry, green tea and so many more?

BODi with Performance Stack

This is one I used heavily long ago! When I had incredibly hard daily workouts and need something to give me lots of energy before a workout (Energize) and then something to help with muscle soreness and repair afterward (Recover). Try BODi with Performance Stack.

I even use Energize at times in the afternoon instead of a chemical laced Diet Pepsi (which used to be my vice). The perfect way to get through that hard workout or that afternoon slump.

Shake and Hustle

BODi with Shakeology and Energize

They call this combo Shake and Hustle. It includes your daily dose of nutrition in the form of Shakeology and then that energy boost from Energize. Such a great combo! Try the Shake and Hustle Combo.

This BODi membership option is very popular as well.

Just BODi Membership

If all you want is just the baseline BODi membership – that option is available too! BUT, you will miss out on joining the community while getting FREE COACHING from me. And I want to see you in our community!

Click below for your yearly BODi membership!



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