What is BODi

What is BODi?

If you are wondering just what BODi is, you are not alone! Let’s dive right into what BODi is and what it can do for you! Let’s also set the record straight about a few things. Are you ready?

What is BODi

Change Your Mind… Your Habits… Your Life. Today.

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Why BODi?

Have you heard of the company Beachbody? I’m guessing you probably have. They recently (well, in 2022) announced a rebrand from Beachbody to BODi? Why? Well the main reason is the destruction that the diet industry does to people and what the words “Beach body” and “Bikini body” do to self image.

Beachbody wanted to join the movement and also BE the movement of showing that happiness is a matter of being, not based on before and after shots or whether your body is considered “hot” at the beach.

They also realized that their platform was cluttered and difficult to navigate for not only the customers, but also the coaches trying to make a difference in the lives of their clients.

Let’s get real for a moment. I was a Beachbody coach years ago and ultimately left. I left for a variety of reasons personal to me, but at the end of the day, I work with a huge variety of body shapes and sizes, and I could not get behind that name. Call me weird, but it is what it is.

I went off and got a Master’s Degree in Complementary and Alternative Medicine with the focus in Holistic Nutrition. I became a holistic nutritionist and certified health coach. And guess what? After the rebrand and the refocus of this company, I came back. And I came back ready to serve and ready to stand behind what they now stand for. And that is inclusion, rather than exclusion. It is happiness from within, vs happiness from the outside.

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What is BODi?

So, what is BODi? Well this new brand and platform is based on a few things and we will dive into the new focus and philosophy individually.

Dessert Every Day

Yes, you heard that right. Rather than focus on the “start your day right” with Shakeology, the focus is on expanding the mentality that it is ok to have desserts and to have a LIFE. But how about setting you up for success by using their clean, nutrient dense shake as the base?

Now, if Shakeology is too high in carbs, never fear. You can use a protein powder like this paleo, very low carb protein powder or you can make from scratch one of my many keto desserts.

Shakeology used to be a focal point for the platform and I am happy to say that it no longer is. Shakeology is wonderful and amazing for some but it does not fit my macros profile that I need for my own personal health journey (i.e. too high in carbs). It is a bonus for those that are able to fit it into their eating lifestyle. I am not one of those people and that is ok!

Clean Energy

How do you start your day? Coffee? Diet soda? Energy drink? If you use something to give you energy, I want you to think for a moment if that energy is “clean energy” or “dirty energy”. Meaning, is it a chemical fest that is wrapped up in an Energy drink like Monster or Rockstar? Maybe coffee with stevia (not a bad choice)? Aspartame filled diet soda?

BODi’s Energize product is one I’ve always loved. I love it as a pre-workout drink and I love it to get energy. My vice used to be diet soda. Sigh. But I replaced that with Energize and not only do I feel better, but the effects last longer AND the ingredients support my body vs break it down.

So grab a scoop of Energize in the middle of that afternoon slump with a big glass of water instead of a toxic, chemical filled soda.

Mindset and Motivation

This one is a biggie. BODi is acknowledging the importance of mindset and mental health and is therefore putting mindset programs and work at the forefront. 2B Mindset on BODi delivers new content each month to help you maintain focus, energy, and motivation.

This content is everything from recipes to support to guides to meal plans to workouts! Everything to keep your mind working for you instead of against you.

BODi Blocks

BODi blocks is a fun one! Previously, Beachbody would introduce new programs from new trainers on DVD, then it went OnDemand so you didn’t need a physical DVD, and now it has moved to more fluid and dynamic workouts. You don’t need a program OR a trainer (although you can still choose that if you like).

One of BODi’s cool new features is all about blocks. These blocks consist of 5 workouts a week, 3 weeks of work, and 1 week of recovery. There is a spotlight trainer each month that you have the option to participate in. Many programs follow a similar flow and so this was an obvious inclusion.

Very smart BODi!



I’m not going to go through ALL the BODi supplements. Rather, I will focus on the ones I love and have experience with.


I already mentioned one of my FAVORITE supplements which is BODi’s Energize product. So I won’t go into more details, but I use this every day.

Last Thing

Another one in particular that I LOVE and use EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. It is called “Last Thing“. Very original, BODi… But very memorable, so I’ll give them that.

Last Thing is a nighttime supplement that helps you drift off into wonderful sleep and STAY asleep. As BODi says, it helps to “calm the mental chatter after a long day”. Yes, please.

Here is another fun fact. I wear a fitness tracker (Garmin Forerunner 945) and I noticed some really cool things with my sleep. Before I began taking Last Thing, my REM sleep and deep sleep were such a minimal part of my overall sleep. After I started taking Last Thing, both of those increased greatly. So not only was I getting to sleep faster and staying asleep longer, but my sleep was more productive which is why I woke up feeling more rested.


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What is included in a BODi subscription?

Everything. The question really should be what is NOT in BODi!

  • BODi is a complete streaming platform bringing you on demand classes but also LIVE classes (WHAT???)! These classes range from cycling to HIIT to yoga to cardio and more. A constant flow of new and exciting workouts. Interactive and live workouts though? Now that is cool!
  • Nutrition, recipes, and meal plans
  • Mindset tools
  • Support
  • Oh, and ME! You get to have ME as your coach.

Change Your Mind… Your Habits… Your Life. Today.

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Where to Get BODi?

You can get a 12 month membership to BODi here for only $179. If you think about it, that is less than $15 per month. You get daily on-demand and live workouts, a HUGE library to choose from, meal plans, nutrition support, mindset tools, and a community. ALL for only $15 per month. So worth it!

All in all, I can stand behind BODi now. Beachbody had good intentions at heart, but their branding and focus was off. But BODi? Yes. BODi understands the changing dynamic of people and they shifted to really put the happiness and well-being of the person first vs the notion that there is this “after” body.

Is BODi included in Beachbody On Demand (BOD)

Great question! Currently, BODi is an upgrade and is not in the standard BOD subscription, but as of March 2023 (approximately), they will be one! When you get this 12 month membership to BODi, you will get EVERYTHING though as one!

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