Get Fit With P90X in 2023

Are you looking to get fit but don’t know where to start? The P90X workout program is a great option for those looking to break out of their normal routine and dive into the world of lifting and fitness.

Developed by Tony Horton, this classic program is designed to challenge your body and help you achieve your fitness goals quickly and effectively. P90X has truly stood the test of time!

Change Your Mind… Your Habits… Your Life. Today.

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Beachbody P90X

My very first introduction to Beachbody (now called BODi) was with P90X. I had no idea who or what Beachbody was and I bought the program on DVD. Yes, I know I just dated myself with that. But it’s true. I even believe it may have been from an infomercial! Yikes!

It was my very first introduction to weightlifting. Ever. Or any fitness program for that matter outside of step aerobics (that I also had on DVD). But it was the first one ever designed to change my muscles, strength, and physique.

It will forever be what changed the course of what was to come for me.

What is P90X

So, let’s talk about what this program is. P90X is a very intense 90-day workout program that mixes strength training, cardio, and yoga. Yes, Yoga! This program was designed by Tony Horton and was released in 2004. While I consider it a classic, it is just as relevant today as it was almost 20 years ago. In fact, I would almost say more so even!

Now, you might still be asking if this program is old news. Let me tell you that it is not. This is one of those programs that is going to be around for a long, long time to come.

The goal of the program is simple: lose weight, build muscle, and become stronger. Through a combination of exercises such as pull-ups, push-ups, squats, and running drills, P90X will help you reach your fitness goals faster than you thought possible.

And now, you can stream P90X from your favorite streaming device with a BODi membership. You don’t even need the old school DVDs. Right on!


P90X Program Structure

The key to the success of the P90X workout routine lies not just in the trainer, but in the program structure. Each day consists of a specific set of exercises that target different areas of your body. This is so that one muscle group does not get overworked or underworked during a given workout session.

Additionally, the intensity level can be adjusted at any time. You can control how hard and fast you go. And this may change the further into the program you go. If you are a beginners, you may wish to start out slowly and increase intensity over time as your body becomes accustomed to the workouts and program style.

Of course, there are modifications for those who need to take things at an even slower pace or cannot complete certain exercises due to any physical limitations.

What Equipment is Needed For P90X

The equipment needed for P90X is a mat or towel and weights or resistance bands. You do not need a gym membership. A chin-up bar is recommended but not necessary. You can get away with using resistance bands if needed.

P90X Workout Equipment

Benefits of P90X

The most obvious benefit of using the P90X workout program is that it gets results quickly, often within just a few weeks! Additionally, this program can help improve posture and joint mobility while strengthening muscles from head to toe. If you want a full body makeover – this is it.

Not only will you see physical changes but you will also start to see a shift in your mindset. Get ready to start feeling more confident in your body after completing just a few weeks of the P90X workout program!

Is P90X For Beginners?

If you are a newbie to weight lifting, but not a newbie to working out, then you can follow along with the P90X workouts and modify accordingly.

However, if you are a complete newbie to working out in general, I would suggest BODI’s For Beginners Only. If you feel that one is *too* beginner, then another great option is BODi Sure Thing. Both of these will give you a great workout, build those muscles and introduce you to the world of lifting and working out.

P90X Workouts Overview

The P90X guidebook will give you a much more in-depth look into each specific workout, but theP90X workouts (and their approximate time) will be grouped as follows:

  • Chest and Back – 53 minutes
  • Plyometrics – 59 minutes
  • Shoulders and Arms – 60 minutes
  • Yoga – 93 minutes
  • Legs and Back – 59 minutes
  • Kenpo – 56 minutes
  • Stretch – 58 minutes
  • Core Synergistics – 58 minutes
  • Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps – 56 minutes
  • Back and Biceps – 52 minutes
  • Cardio – 43 minutes
  • Abs – 16 minutes

What is Kenpo?

The word Kenpo actually means “law of the fist”. In P90X, the Kenpo workouts will involve a lot of punches, kicks, elbows, knees, and all things martial arts. This style of workout will be cardio based and will double as an effective way for you to learn how to defend yourself! Bonus!

P90X Schedule

Below is the P90X classic schedule of workouts so that you can get an idea of what to expect. There is also a P90X doubles schedule and a P90X lean schedule that you can find in the P90X program guide.

There are 3 main training blocks. Within each training block, there are 3 phases: the adaptive phase, the mastery phase, and the recovery phase.

P90X Schedule

What is P90X3?

We’ll skip right over P90X2 and go right into P90X3. P90X3 is a fitness program that was also created by Tony Horton. It combines cardio, resistance, isometrics, and body-weight exercises into 30-minute workouts. Sounds pretty similar, right? In a lot of ways it is. Along with P90X, P90X3 is available with a yearly BODi membership.

P90X3 Workouts

There is a big difference from the original P90X workouts, however, which are mostly nearing the 60-minute mark. One of the greatest benefits of using the P90X3 program is its convenience. The P90X3 workouts only require 30 minutes a day and can be done anywhere with minimal equipment needed.

The P90X3 workout program is broken down into four phases – Foundation, Strength, Performance, and Power – each of which consists of three weeks of workouts plus one rest week.

It follows the “muscle confusion” concept, which involves mixing up your workouts to keep your muscles from adapting to the same exercises over time. This allows you to avoid plateaus and continuously improve your performance.

Change Your Mind… Your Habits… Your Life. Today.

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P90X Supplements and Nutrition

The BEST supplement to take is, of course, Shakeology. If you are new to BODi or Beachbody and don’t know what Shakeology is. Check out the very informative article “What is Shakeology“. Real simply, Shakeology is a nutrient dense super food that you can use in the form of a shake, dessert, snack – you name it. Flexible, delicious and great for the body.

Additionally, Recover and Energize are two more that I would highly recommend. Check out my favorite BODi supplements!

How to Access P90X and P90X3

When it comes down to it, if you’re looking for an effective way to get fit without having to hit up the gym every day then look no further than P90X!

All you need is a BODi membership and you can get started today. The great thing about the BODi membership is that it is LESS than what you’d pay in a gym and you get a TON of other programs, live workouts, on demand workouts, workout programs, nutrition plans, mindset programs and more!

Now, if you are interested in trying Shakeology, for only $20 more you can get a month supply along with your BODi membership. Use code TRINATSP20 and check it out: Get BODi with Shakeology.

Lastly, if you want to try recover and energize for only $20 as well, you can use code TRINATSP20 and check that out: Get BODi with Energize and Recover.

Give P90X a try today and see how quickly achieving your fitness goals can become reality!

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