BODi Sure Thing (Beachbody)

Ready to make your daily fitness a Sure Thing? Let BODi’s hit at home fitness program “Sure Thing” take you on a journey to your best self.

BODi Sure Thing

Change Your Mind… Your Habits… Your Life. Today.

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What is Sure Thing on BODi (Beachbody)?

According to Super Trainer Megan Davies, she wants you to feel great starting on Day 1. I can attest to the fact that she accomplished that. I walked away from that first workout feeling like my whole body was challenged, but I was still able to “walk”. Win/win, right? I was sweating, but feeling GREAT.

The at home workout program Sure Thing is an 8 week program designed to shape, build and shift the entire body. Not only will you build power and strength, but you will also build confidence. Megan will keep you challenged, but not overtrained (or undertrained for that matter). It is the perfect mix for the perfect transformation.

If you already know you want the BODi’s Sure Thing program, scroll to the bottom for ways to gain access.

Check out this short video to gain a bit more insight!

Sure Thing Trainer Megan Davies

Who is Super Trainer Megan Davies? If you’ve never heard of her, you are in for a treat. She is an NSCA-certified personal trainer and is the creator of another one of BODi’s hit programs: #mba (muscle burns fat). I have also done #mba and it was amazing.

A few fun facts about Megan: she loves to sing, she hates mushrooms (so do I) and she actually does not enjoy public speaking even though you’d never have guessed it!

One of my biggest pet peeves with some trainers is their cheesiness. I know, I’m weird. Megan doesn’t have that, though. I love listening to her talk, she is super laid back and very relatable.

BODi Sure Thing Program Style

As I stated, this is an 8 week at home fitness program. It is broken up into 3 main components.

Endurance Weeks

These weeks are focused on higher reps and lighter weights. This helps give your muscles endurance and targets the slow-twitch muscles. These weeks also include CARDIO – everyone’s favorite, right??? I actually like a nice mix of cardio and weights.

Power Weeks

Targeting the fast twitch muscles, these weeks focus on slow and controlled lifting. Oh, and guess what, these weeks ALSO include cardio to max out that calorie burn!

Functional Recover Weeks

These weeks are meant to help the body recover. They combine mobility with movements you’ve already learned to help ease sore muscles.

Sure Thing Program Structure

There are a whopping 36 workouts that come with this program. Each workout is between 30 and 45 minutes and there will be 5 workouts per week.

There are also 8 cycling workouts for those of you that have the BODi bike or even any stationary or spin bike.k Modifications can always be made!

The great thing about this program is that you are not doing the same workouts over and over and over again!

Sure Thing Workout Sample

Do you want to give a workout a try? This free 30 minute sample workout from BODi’s Sure Thing program is an awesome introduction to the trainer, the cast, AND the program. Not only that, you will walk away from it sweaty and feeling good.

Sure Thing Transformations

Below are just a few of the amazing transformations from people who got in early to test out BODi’s Sure Thing at home workout program.

BODi Sure Thing Testimonial 2
BODi Sure Thing Testimonial 1
BODi Sure Thing Testimonial 3

Beachbody Sure Thing Required Equipment

The basic equipment required is a set of light, medium, and heavy dumbells as well as sliders. Now, if you don’t have the sliders, don’t worry about buying the expensive ones that BODi sells. You can get sliders like these ones on Amazon for less than $10.

How to get Sure Thing on BODi (Beachbody)

Here are a couple of different best value options to get the full experience. Why do I recommend buying the packs? Because you are basically getting one month of product for free (just about). So why not give them a shot?

If you aren’t familiar with some of the BODi supplements that go along with these packs, you can read the Beachbody Supplements article to learn more.

Use code TRINATSP20 to get $20 off.

Sure Thing Shake and Hustle Pack

This pack includes:

  • One year of the entire BODi platform
  • Access to Sure Thing
  • One month supply of Shakeology
  • One month supply of Energize

Sure Thing with First Thing pack

  • One year of the entire BODi platform
  • Access to Sure Thing
  • One month supply of First Thing

Sure Thing with Performance Stack

  • One year of the entire BODi platform
  • Access to Sure Thing
  • One month supply of Recover
  • One month supply of Energize
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