Maximize your time

Unleash your potential

At home fitness is not about boring repetitions, the same programs and zero results.



BODi is your affordable, premier, at home fitness platform complete with mindset, nutrition, meal plans, support, live workouts, on-demand workouts, and so much more. ​


Inspiring people just like you to bring happiness into your life as a state of being.

Are you ready for happiness?  For acceptance?  For radical change? To conquer it all and love yourself while doing it?

Lastly, are you ready for a convenient at home fitness, nutrition and mindset solution all from the convenience of your home?  


BODi is the complete package.  The real deal!  The big kahuna.  Ok, ok, you get it.  But seriously, have you ever seen a more complete, all inclusive platform for full body, mind and spirit fitness?

AT home fitness
Live and On Demand Workouts
Nutrition, Recipes and Meal Plans

What do you have to lose? NOTHING.
What do you have to gain? EVERYTHING.

Want to learn how to save money on your membership?

You also get ME as your FREE COACH with any monthly nutritional subscription.

What BODi users say…



I love the freedom to do any style of workout I want from my living room on a moments notice. I can wake up my body with a morning yoga flow, I can sweat out stress with a boot camp or strength workout, I can unwind with a meditation. I often use my BODi platform multiple times in the same day. I use it more than any other app on my smart TV – more than Netflix or Hulu! BODi is my healthy entertainment, my release, my escape from home.
As a gym owner and group exercise instructor, I love to work out in person, in a group setting as well. The ability to fill in the gaps in my fitness from home is a gift. The trainers, their moves, music and cueing is top notch. I value the quality as much as I appreciate the convenience.



Bodi has made me consistent- it’s given me a way to “comfortably” work out without the anxiety of others “watching” it’s helped me meet people from all over the country that help push me to be my best self.
The live classes have leveled up my confidence by being on bodcast and having the trainers help or call you out makes me work harder and learn ways to do things I otherwise may have been doing wrong.
I could go on, but simply – it changed my life and how I want to live



I like the versatility that it provides. I love following programs but I also enjoy trying new things and new trainers. I also enjoy the live classes – feeling apart of a group and doing it WITH others is so much fun and such an encouragement to keep pushing through the workout. I love not having to travel to get a workout in – I can get up early before baby girl wakes up or I can do it while she naps.
If it wasn’t for BODI I wouldn’t have the confidence in my postpartum body that I do. I’m amazed at my strength even If my body may not look exactly what I want it to yet. I know I WILL get there! I tell so many people – I workout for my mental health just as much as my physical health and I wouldn’t be able to say or show that without bodi.



I LOVE the music BODi has. It makes working out so much more fun! I love the variety of cycle classes too. Jumping on for 15 minutes in addition to my full BOD program has been awesome. The cycle/strength combo classes are my favorite.
I also love the meditations and soon to be Mindset. That will be so nice!
I also love jumping on LIVE classes once in a while and if I really want to crush my workout I’ll join the BODcast. That brings a whole other level to accountability.

Are you ready to say yes to YOU?

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