Keto Diet for beginners – how to get started!


Keto Diet for Beginners – How to Get Started

Welcome to the Ketogenic Lifestyle!  I bet you are SUPER EXCITED to get started!  Enjoying keto takes a little bit of preparation work, so take some time and learn the basics.  

Everyone learns differently.  Some people like to read, some like to listen, and others like both.  Whatever your learning modality, I got ya covered!  

Here are a few resources right off the bat!  

Keto Living Podcast – all things keto, hot topics, Q&A.  Episode 4 talks all about getting started! 

Going Keto – How to go from DIET to LIFESTYLE – here is a huge guide where you will learn ALL THINGS KETO!  What is keto?  What is ketosis? What the heck are macros?  Dealing with social pressures.  Working out on keto.  AND SO MUC MORE.  All those questions and more are answered!

7 Day Keto Meals & Recipe Guide – do you need the first 7 days planned out for you so you don’t have to wonder what to eat?  Get started in style!

Keto Staples – are you wondering what you should be stocking your kitchen with?  Here is your started list!

Private Facebook Support Community – do you need a community of like-minded people for support?  Request to join *my* community that is supportive, upbeat, and fun!

My Pinterest Boards – are you a Pinterest lover?  Me too!  My entire Pinterest is dedicated to Keto Meals and Information!

Tried and true keto recipes – all recipes I’ve tried and have gone through the kid test!

Keto Resources – a list of handy keto resources

That is all you need to get started! 

Keto doesn’t have to be scary and hard.  It can be inviting and easy.  Open your mind, break the sugar addiction (most of us had one even if we weren’t eating cakes all day every day), reframe your relationship with food, do the research, commit and start.

Each one of the above resources will help you start and STAY successful. 

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