Keto Diet How to Start

Let’s get down and dirty with everything you need to start and master the keto diet.  This article Keto Diet How to Start will walk you through step by step.

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Keto Diet How to Start

You are excited about Keto.  You've done your research.  Now what?  I wrote a post a short while ago with all the resources you need to start.  You can check that out here.  But, maybe you need more?  Perhaps a step by step guide?

I got ya!  Keep on reading.

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You need it for 2 reasons:

  1. It has it all.  I left NO stone uncovered.  This is a 105 page eBook with homework to not only get you started, but KEEP you going.
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It is an easy read, broken down into 4-8 page chapters so you can assimilate the information in bite-size chunks.

Ok, you ordered the eBook.  Now what?  Well, it should be in your inbox already, so take a peek at it and read ONE chapter.  Any chapter.  Pick one that speaks to you.

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Now onto some tangible tips.

Step 1

Talk to your doctor if you need to.  Your choice, your call, your decision.

Step 2

Cut down on carbs and remove sugar.  The best way to accomplish this is to go Paleo first for 2 weeks.  If you do this, it will make the shock to your system more tolerable.  You will most likely go through sugar withdrawal and that is expected.  It is better to go through this NOW than to go through it while going through the keto flu. That is a double whammy.

Start clearing out your pantry of non Paleo items (i.e. processed and packaged foods, sugars, flours, etc...)

Sign up to access to my FREE Keto resource vault.  There you will find a cheat sheet for foods to avoid and therefore remove!

Step 3

Figure out what you should be stocking your pantry with.  Check out my Pantry Essentials list.  This is a basic list, not one of those mile-long lists of things that 1) you could never afford and 2) contains a bunch of extra crap.  It is a basic list of what you will most likely need and more importantly, WANT.

Since we are talking about the pantry, this is the point at which you want to make sure your pantry is clean.  You started the process in step one and now is when you want to remove the remaining non Keto items.  Most should already be gone.  Double check.   And if you have a family and you will be keeping non keto items - totally cool.  Put all of those things on a "not for me" shelf and commit to keeping your hands off those items.

Sign up to access to my FREE Keto resource vault.  There you will find a cheat sheet for keto friendly foods!

Step 4

Get your mindset in the right place.  Transitioning to Paleo wasn't a piece of cake.  But I bet by the time you start keto, you are feeling way better and probably have already started losing weight.  Transitioning to keto is also not a piece of cake.  But it is the final piece of the puzzle.  Make it past that hurdle and you will feel amazing!

"It's been 2 days and I feel yucky"

"I'm craving x"

"Ugh...  It's so restrictive"


You decided on keto for a reason.  That reason has to be stronger than the whiney voice in our head that we ALL have.

The yucky feeling will go away.

The cravings will subside, but a craving doesn't mean you NEED something.  Usually our cravings are for things that are unhealthy anyway.

Restrictive?  Sure.  But most of the "food" in the grocery store isn't food anyway.  If you remove all the crappy, processed foods and look around at what is left, you won't find this that restrictive.  Grains are removed, yes.  But they wreak havoc on our systems anyway, so they shouldn't be in that list anyway.

Step 5

Plan your first week of meals and shop for the first few days.  Do NOT start keto without a plan.  That just screams disaster.  Plan your meals and stock your kitchen.  There is a plan for meals in the above recipe eBook!

Step 6

Watch the weight fall off.

Feel your energy rise.

Enjoy your life again.

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