How To Get Back Into Ketosis After The Holidays Fast

Get Back Into Ketosis After The Holidays

If you took a break from keto and are looking to get back into ketosis after the holidays (or any time for that matter), then I have the plan for you!

How To Get Back Into Ketosis After The Holidays Fast

Get Back Into Ketosis After The Holidays

Does this sound familiar?  You were going strong with keto as you entered into Fall and then the willpower tests began. 

First, it was Halloween.  If you have kids then you knew where all their little Halloween buckets were being kept.  You could visualize the sugar-filled wrapped candies taking up precious space in said buckets.  Maybe you resisted, maybe you snuck one or two.  Maybe you trick or treated with your own bucket.  No judgments!

But you got right back on track and kept going.  Maybe?  Or maybe you researched Keto Halloween Candy Bar recipes so you’d be prepared in a moment of weakness.   Maybe you didn’t.  If you didn’t, make sure to check out my top Keto Halloween Candy bar recipes for next year!

And then came Thanksgiving.  You spent the month searching Pinterest for Keto Thanksgiving Recipes and had your dinner all planned out.  But as it neared and then stores filled up with premade pumpkin pies, maybe you bought one, maybe you didn’t.  Thanksgiving dinner rolled around and perhaps you had company or went somewhere that had some out of this world dinner rolls or apple pie that you swore you’d just have one bite of and that turned into a gluten and sugar fest.  

No shame.  I’ve been there.  

As you contemplated getting back to keto in early December, you knew the Holidays were in full swing which means holiday treats and sweets and then New Year’s Eve and then…….

And before you know it, keto is long gone….

Now whether or not you relate to ALL of this or not or if your situation is vastly different – it doesn’t matter.  What matters is that you want to get back into ketosis fast after the holidays.  And you may even have a few pounds of holiday love that are sitting pretty around your hips.  Been there, know it well!

So let’s get to the action plan!

How Do I Get Into Ketosis

Well, I think you already know the basic idea here given you have already been on the keto diet before.  But let’s recap the basics:



If you are still unsure about what macros are, be sure to check out the article What You Need to Know About Keto Macros.  But in short, keto macros are generally 5-10% from carbs, 15-30% from protein and 60-75% from fat. 

So the first thing to do is to get back into the mindset of eating according to your dietary needs and your macros. 

Perhaps that means tracking your food again for a while if nothing else than to keep yourself accountable.

keto food

Food Choices

As is the case when you first started keto, drop the sugar and gluten right from the start.  If you need time to ease into it, then take that time.  Otherwise, jump right in.  

I don’t think everything needs to be done overnight. You know yourself. Do you need a week to ease into it or do you want to rip that bandaid off nice and hard?

It’s up to you.



It is no secret that exercise can burn off glycogen stores.  Too often people want to skip the exercise.  

Now, if you are physically unable to exercise, that is different.  But if you ARE able to exercise then it is incredibly important if for nothing else than the health benefits you gain from a healthy exercise program.  Weight loss aside, your body needs it.  

You don’t have to run out and do a marathon. Just walk around the block to start with. Do some Yoga. Swim. Jump around with the kids.

What to Expect Starting the Keto Diet Again

I’m sorry to say that you may go through the keto flu again.  It all depends on how long you stayed away from the keto diet as well as what you ate while you were on your hiatus.  

I go in and out of ketosis every week (purposefully) and so I don’t experience it anymore because my body is used to it AND my higher carb days are not cheat days so I am not detoxing  (again) from sugar and gluten.

This is called cyclical keto for those that are curious. It helps with my hormones, metabolism and my thyroid. You can learn more about it reading Cyclical Keto for Women. A typical “Carb up” meal is this Healthy Sweet Potato Hash. It is also a good transition meal back into keto!

Ok, back to starting keto again. You can get much more information in the article How To Start the Keto Diet Again.

Get Into Ketosis Fast Plan

So let’s talk about an action plan to get you back into ketosis as fast as possible.  

First and foremost – I never recommend the use of exogenous ketones to do this.  Unless you know definitely what you are doing and how your body chemistry works.  You can completely sabotage your efforts if taken in the wrong way (in my opinion and experience).

Do you remember when you first started keto?  This is pretty much the same as then.  Water, macros, keto foods, patience. 

Let me suggest a few options to consider that might help you to get back into ketosis. Now, remember, I don’t hand out meal plans or tell people what to eat. These options are simply the ones I use when needed.


Option 1

Egg Fast – 4 day egg fast, 3 day transition into keto

Have you heard of the keto egg fast?  If not, be sure to check out my guide to Surviving the Keto Egg Fast first.  I experimented on myself and recorded everything I ate. 

I’ve done several egg fasts and it is not something I normally go recommending to everyone (or anyone for that matter) but I did write up my experience for those interested.  

The keto egg fast is a way to reset and get back into ketosis quickly.  It is not necessarily pleasant, but it is a way to do it. 

You will first want to read up on the egg fast and how it works and you can do that in my Surviving the Keto Egg Fast article.  There are recipes linked in there, but here are a few resources for convenience:

Keto Egg Fast Recipes (these are all the foods I ate during my personal egg fast)

Keto Egg Fast Meal Plan from I Breath I’m Hungry 

Egg Fast Recipes from LowCarbYum

Keto Egg Loaf from Keto Keuhn Nutrition

Keto Egg Fast Menu from Ketogenic Woman

Now, for the transition days, those are just to ease your body back into keto from the egg fast.  Meaning, on transition day 1 replace 1 meal with a regular keto meal, then 2 meals on day 2, etc…


Option 2

Strict Keto – 7 days right from the start

Now, strict keto does not mean bland and boring food.  It simply means keep your ingredients clean!

If you need a sample 7 day plan to get you on track, you get one here!  This will give you an EASY (not exotic) and easy to implement sample 7 day plan to either follow or modify to fit your needs. 

Option 3

Strict Keto – 3 days transition, 4 days very strict keto

You can download the same plan as in option 2 and choose recipes and days from this to help piece together your 7 day plan.

As I mentioned, meals like this Healthy Sweet Potato Hash are good to use to transition. They are higher in carbs, but do not contain sugar or gluten.

Daily workouts

If you are physically able to, then create a workout plan for yourself. 

Just move your body.  It is so important.  Don’t believe me?  Check out the importance of Working Out on Keto!


You’ve been here. You’ve done this. You can do it again! Now go get it!

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