Garlic Marinara Sauce

There is nothing like a full flavored keto garlic marinara sauce.  Perfect for lasagna, meatballs, or even a dipping sauce for keto breadsticks!  Have some mason jars ready and store in the fridge!

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Keto Marinara Sauce


Garlic Marinara Sauce

One hard thing to find is a marinara sauce that doesn’t have ingredients that we can’t have while living the ketogenic lifestyle. 

Recipe Credit goes to Craveable Keto Cookbook.  I  made a few TINY changes, but credit still goes to that wonderful recipe.  Buy the book if you haven’t.  It is amazing!

I made this marinara sauce for lasagna I made (which if you haven’t tried, you MUST) and it makes enough to store in the fridge to use later. 

Do you know where else I used it?  I created these cheesy bread bites and I used this as