Common Keto & AIP Foods Cheat Sheet

Choosing to adopt the Ketogenic Lifestyle comes with some big changes.  Adding on to that an autoimmune condition such as Hashimoto’s and a whole new set of challenges arises.  Not insurmountable challenges, but challenges nonetheless. 

I was recently diagnosed with Hashimoto’s.  I was familiar with the Autoimmune Protocol Diet (AIP) before because my son has 2 autoimmune diseases (Type 1 Diabetes and Celiac).  We did not follow AIP, but we removed the heavy hitters such as gluten, dairy except on occasion, sugar, etc…

The Ketogenic Lifestyle took me from feeling horrible to feeling great.  But here’s the thing….  MY great is probably still subpar compared to a healthy individual without an autoimmune disease.  I don’t have a comparison point for that.  All I know is ME.  

Was Keto life-changing for me?  HECK YES!  Never going back.  But, now I need to add in AIP in order to truly get the most benefit and biohack my body with nutrition!  Yes, biohack.  

Biohacking comes in many sizes and shapes.  One is nutrition.  Eat to optimize your body.  It isn’t always fun or what you might choose otherwise.  I want to live a LONG and HEALTHY life.  That is more important than donuts and eggs.  Two things I love.

I will be creating a new section on my recipe blog and that is Hashimoto’s approved recipes.  I am not a doctor, so what I mean by that is AIP friendly Keto recipes.  So if you are wanting or needing to follow both AIP and Ketogenic, then I’ll make this as easy as possible….  Because, let’s face it, it isn’t easy.

To start with, I created a handy cheat sheet for foods that are both Keto and AIP.  Let me again state that I am not a doctor and this list is not golden!  But it IS the product of my research and love! 

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