how to make powdered sugar

How to Make Powdered Sugar

In a bind and need some powdered sugar? Learn how to make powdered sugar quite easily from granular sugar at home and save yourself a trip to the store.

Powdered sugar, also known as confectioners sugar or icing sugar, is a staple ingredient in any home cook’s kitchen. It’s used as a sweetener for frosting, glazes, icings, and many other desserts. I actually use it in many dessert bases as well.

Unfortunately, it’s not always readily available, and when it is, it can be quite expensive.

Did you know that you can make powdered sugar at home from granular sugar?

how to make powdered sugar

How to Make Powdered Sugar

Are you ready for the super easy instructions? Here we go!

Measure Your Granular Sugar

The first step in making powdered sugar at home is to measure the amount of granular sugar that you’ll need. You can use regular granulated sugar or any other type of sugar, such as erythritol or monk fruit.

For best results, use a food scale to measure the sugar, and make sure to measure out enough for your recipe.

Add Cornstarch (optional)

If you want to make your powdered sugar last longer and prevent clumping, you can add a small amount of cornstarch to the mixture. For every cup of granular sugar, add 1-2 tablespoons of cornstarch. This is optional, but it can be helpful in humid climates where powdered sugar tends to clump. I do NOT do this step personally.

Blend in a Food Processor or Blender

Once you’ve measured out your granular sugar, it’s time to blend it into a fine powder. You can use a food processor or blender to achieve this. I simply use my little Magic Bullet.

First, add the sugar to your machine, and pulse it until it starts to break down. Then, turn it to high speed and blend for 2-3 minutes or until it turns into a fine powder. Be sure to stop and scrape down the sides of the machine as needed. I just shake my magic bullet!

Sift the Powdered Sugar

After the sugar has been blended into a fine powder, sift it through a fine-mesh strainer. This will remove any lumps or clumps that may have formed during blending, resulting in a smooth and fluffy powdered sugar.

Now, check out this quick cell phone impromptu video below, and ignore my Nightmare Before Christmas Jammies!

How to Store Homemade Powdered Sugar

Store your homemade powdered sugar in an airtight container until ready to use. Keep it out of direct sunlight as well.

Where to Buy Powdered Sugar

Now, if you simply want to buy some powdered sugar but don’t want to go to the store, my favorite brand is Besti with their Allulose and Monk Fruit blend. You can purchase it here.

Recipes That Use Powdered Sugar

Vanilla Buttercream Icing

Lemon Bars


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