Keto Collagen Protein

I LOVE collagen protein.  Not all collagen proteins are created equal though.  You obviously want one with little to no carbs and one that is made specifically made for keto peeps.   General collagen proteins can be high in carbs.

The Keto Collagen I use is a blend of collagen with MCT powder.  The MCT helps slow down the absorption of the collagen in the body.  This makes it more suitable to be used for recovery.

Collagen is great for a variety of reasons.  It essentially is what holds your body together.  Cool, right?

It also helps your hair, skin and nails be healthy and vibrant.  For me personally, I like it due to the skin and hair factor.  Keto is dehydrating and my skin ends up dry at times.  Also, some people find that hair loss can be an issue with keto, so I like it due to the extra hair benefits.  AND I happen to have Hashimoto’s so deal with MORE hair loss.

I do Intermittent Fasting daily.  At the end of my fast each (late) morning,  I make a smoothie made from keto collagen, almond butter and almond milk.  It fills me up until the afternoon when I have my breakfast/lunch.  I like to have liquid first and then solid foods later in the day.

Perfect Keto is the brand I use.  They are literally my One-Stop-Keto-Shop.  They have everything.  Literally EVERYTHING.

I’ve tried the chocolate, vanilla and salted caramel and they are ALL delightful!

If you want to give it a shot – make sure to use my personal discount code RUNNINGKETO to get 20% whopping percent off!

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