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Who You Want To Be!

Vibrational Alignment is not about fixing you.
It is about aligning you with your best and brightest self and future.


You decide how you respond to your environment.

Isn’t it time that your subconscious mind and your energy field align with your goals and dreams?  Let’s navigate through the stuck and stagnant energy that is holding you back and journey into the quantum field of healing where all possibilities are waiting.

Vibrational alignment sessions will assist you in releasing all that doesn’t belong to you and doesn’t serve you anymore.  AND allow space for all the things that do.

Choose Your Path

Single Session
Vibrational Alignment Single Session

Get cozy in your own home with all your own comfort items and just relax.  Vibrational alignment sessions will be a combination of distance reiki, crystals, sound, chakra work, and intention. 

A full chakra calibration and aura field massage will take place to assist in the movement of energy to better align you with your best self and free you from what does not serve you any longer.

 Universal healing energy has no bounds of space and time.  

trina krug aura
Vibration Alignment healing Journey

With this path, you get all the wonderful healing experiences from single sessions, but you get 2 session a month for 3 months!

In addition to 2 sessions per month, you will also have email access in between sessions.

Vibrational Alignment And Coaching

This 3 month journey is a unique combination of the Vibrational Alignment Healing Journey and the Happy Body Mentorship program.  You get 2 sessions per month where you choose if you want energy work or coaching for a particular session.

Want both in the same session?  You got it! 

Not sure which path to travel?

What clients have to say…


Crystal Reiki Client

I had the most amazing experience yesterday with Trina Krug! We had a beautiful Crystal Reiki session. It was absolutely amazing and I will be booking again. So I don’t spoil the experience, I just want to say that I feel so aligned today. I have energy that is flowing through my body and all my Chakras feel so open today. The energy that I felt in various areas of my body during Reiki was mind blowing to me. Thank you Trina for your amazing gifts you shared with me.


Crystal Reiki Client

My Crystal Reiki session with Trina was one of the most powerful energy healing experiences I’ve had. Ever since, I have felt very grounded and positive. She did a beautiful job of explaining her work at the end and even though the session was via distance, the work was palpable. Thank you Trina, for sharing your gifts!

Live Happy. Live Fully


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