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Looking for delicious keto recipes that are easy to cook?

Want to skip the big keto learning curve?

Do you need a path to success?

Do these sound familiar?

You miss your favorite foods. Oh yeah! I can get on board with this one. When I first started keto, I thought my enjoyment of food was going to be over and I had accepted that. I stayed that way for the first 2 months until I thought to myself "Wait a minute. There has to be delicious keto recipes and I'm going to go create them!"

Keto baking and cooking is confusing. I was always known for my baking. I mean, people LOVED my baking. Then I transitioned to a keto lifestyle and it all went out the window! The flours were different. The "sugars" were different. Nothing worked the way it was supposed to. I had to figure it out from scratch. I've done this so that YOU don't have to.

You have a significant other or kiddos who aren't keto. No problem here! I have a husband and 5 kiddos who are not keto. Oh, and I don't cook 2 meals - EVER! Never have. Never will. There are plenty of way to cook and meals to make that will satisfy the entire family. You are about to learn all my tips and tricks!

You really want to make keto a sustainable lifestyle. Fantastic! It can be! Keto can be sustainable if you learn how to cook delicious (and healthy) foods so that you never feel like you are missing!

I lost 20 pounds in 2 months AND my blood sugars stabilized all while eating delicious keto foods!

And...... The Keto Option was born!

When I talk about “the Keto option,” I’m talking about the switches that make this lifestyle sustainable. Because in just about every food scenario, there IS a Keto option.  

You don’t need to throw all your favorite recipes out the window — you just have to change them up a bit. You don’t have to make a separate meal for yourself if your family doesn’t eat Keto — there are easy ways to satisfy everyone with one meal.  

Take me for example. I’m feeding five kids and a husband. If I’m able to eat Keto and still make sure every meal is a crowd-pleaser, you can too.  

But you don’t have to figure out how to do that all on your own. That’s why The Keto Option exists — to show you the right way to do Keto, and to make it easy.

The Keto Option Membership is here to take that to the next level.

Exclusive Recipes, Meal Plans, and Content. Cooking Videos. Tips. Tricks. Q&A. Community. 

No more second guessing. No more misinformation. No more crappy keto recipes. No more waiting! 

Membership benefits

  • Access to Exclusive recipe library not available anywhere else on the internet.
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  • Monthly challenges to help with lifestyle success
  • Monthly live Q&A to get all your keto questions answered!
  • Monthly "Keto Option Bites" that includes new cooking and keto tips
  • Full Keto Q&A Resource Library
  • Video Library!! (Coming November)
  • Monthly 7 Day Sample Meal Plan with Recipes. New Each Month (Coming October)
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Questions? I have answers!

Where is the recipe vault located? When you join, you'll create an account on The Keto Option website which is where the bulk of the goodies live!

Can I change my membership level? You bet - any time!

Is there minimum commitment for the membership? Not at all!

Can I keep my bonuses if I cancel ? Of course! They are yours!

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