Let’s walk this journey together, shall we?

Keto can be lonely, misunderestood and quite frankly frustrating at times.  But it doesn’t have to be!  

Check out what I have going on and find what suits you the best!

All these services you will find over at The Mind Body Design!  That is just another site where I hold all of my programs and services.  Do don’t fret when you click and it takes you over there!

Keto Success Club Membership

Ready to succeed with Keto Success Club? Let's take your keto to the next level and bring your body to a state of health and happiness while paving the path to long term success. Live Coaching sessions, macros, Q&A, constant new content. ALL for less than $10. Crazy!

Holistic Health Coaching

Coaching and mentoring sessions weave between life, health, and energy. The exact path we go down is up to you! But what I know to be true is that sometimes we just need a little help!

WEekly Audio Keto Bytes

Each week you will be delivered a variety of cool and current keto topics via audio! Everything from motivation, to what's cooking, to new research and so much more! A great way to stay connected to the keto world in short, convenient snippets of digestible information!

Crystal Reiki Healing

Relax with crystals as your body vibrates to the harmony of Crystal Singing Bowls tuned specifically to balance each Chakra.

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