Ketogenic Diet Workbook

Ketogenic Diet Workbook

Imagine if everything you need to succeed in the Ketogenic Lifestyle was ALL in one place.

Well, it is NOW!

This 105 page eBook and workbook is your one-stop-shop for keto information, myth-busting, recipes, insights and more!

PLUS - 11 success worksheets to take the guesswork out of it.

No more internet searching and banging your head against the wall!

This carefully crafted success blueprint will guide you on your journey to keto mastery! 

No more confusion.  No more misinformation.

Take the only step you need to take - make this workbook YOURS!

This easy to read book is broken down into 4-8 page chapters to squeeze into any busy day!

Check out what you get:

Chapter 1: What is the Ketogenic Diet?
Chapter 2: Getting Started
Chapter 3: What to Eat and What Not to Eat
Chapter 4: Kitchen Essentials
Chapter 5: Fat Busting Myths
Chapter 6: Ketosis & the Keto Flu
Chapter 7: Testing for Ketosis
Chapter 8: Fat Adapted, Ketosis and Ketoacidosis
Chapter 9: Types of Keto
Chapter 10: Lazy Keto, Strict Keto, Dirty Keto, Oh My!
Chapter 11: Keto vs. Low-Carb
Chapter 12: Keto on a Budget
Chapter 13: Sweeteners
Chapter 14: Keto on the Go and Eating Out
Chapter 15: Bulletproof Coffee
Chapter 16: Alcohol
Chapter 17: Keto Family Hacks
Chapter 18: Grass-Fed Butter
Chapter 19: Intermittent Fasting
Chapter 20: Exogenous Ketones
Chapter 21: Is Keto Forever?
Chapter 22: Lifestyle Changes
Chapter 23: Social Pressure
Chapter 25: Recipes