Keto Electrolytes

I bet you’ve heard tirelessly that you need to make sure you are getting your electrolytes.  What if there was a Keto Electrolytes supplement that could help you out?  Read on!

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perfect keto electroytes

Keto Electrolytes

OOOMMMMGGGGG!!!!  A Keto Electrolytes supplement is finally here!

We've been talking about supplements this week and I had to keep quiet about this one! I've been waiting and waiting to be able to post this. I had to wait until today, though, for the official release.


My favorite one-stop keto shop has, yet again, outdone themselves. 


We hear about "getting enough electrolytes" on keto (or any diet). "Don't make the big mistake of not getting enough" - they say. And it's true!

Low electrolytes will cause you to feel physically lousy and mentally drained, wondering what you might be doing wrong. Keto flu, anyone???

What’s in Keto Electrolytes?

I'm glad you asked! The electrolytes you need, minus the added sugar, food dyes, or flavorings.

Sodium Chloride 140mg

Potassium Chloride 70mg

Calcium Chloride 35mg

Magnesium Chloride 35mg

True to Perfect Keto's reputation, there are zero garbage or extra ingredients, and the salts are blended in a 4:2:1:1 ratio of sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium.

If you've ever struggled on keto - it might be the electrolytes. Time to dial them in today. CHECK THEM OUT NOW!!

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