A stack of homemade Keto chocolate chip cookies with some scattered loose chocolate chips on a white plate, suggesting a cozy, freshly-baked low-carb treat.

Best Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Looking for the best keto cookie recipe ever? These melt in your mouth low carb and chewy keto chocolate chip cookies are going to rock your world.

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Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies

We have a chocolate chip cookie recipe in our family that is like none other.  It became my mission to “keto-ize” it and continue enjoying these cookies with my kids. There was always this running joke in my family about who made the best cookies: me or grandma (my mom).

Now, I took my mom’s recipe and changed it slightly, so either way, Grandma won I suppose!  But, my kids always said mine was best.  This was all pre-keto, of course.

I decided I wanted to win this challenge with my version being keto.  Whew.  This might get difficult! It couldn’t be just any keto cookie, but rather the best keto chocolate chip cookie ever!

With only 2.5g net carbs per low-carb chocolate chip cookie – I’ll take it!  If you want to decrease this, just decrease the amount of Lily’s Chocolate Chips

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Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies

I will admit that it was a bit of a challenge at first as it called for shortening, for starters!  It took me three tries to truly get the best keto chip cookie recipe out there. It is perfect.  And I do mean perfect.

I remember my mom’s cookies fondly from when I was a kid and I want my kids to remember my cookies fondly.  I can still bake amazing cookies with fully keto approved ingredients.

And who knows, maybe they will hand down MY keto version vs. my mom’s non-keto version.  We can only hope!  Love you, mom!

Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies

These easy keto chocolate chip cookies are light and fluffy and almost melt in your mouth.  Just look at how fluffy they are right from the start:

keto chocolate chip cookies

And, of course, the fluffiness doesn’t stop there!

keto chocolate chip cookies


How to Get Fluffy Low-Carb Chocolate Chip Cookies

That is an easy fix with these keto chocolate chip cookies!  If you want even fluffier chocolate chip cookies, then add in the optional coconut flour.   The above cookies have no coconut flour and the below cookies DO have coconut flour.  Do you see the difference?

Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies

If you want them even FLUFFIER, then use the coconut flour and plop them down without smoothing out the edges.  This means that you shouldn’t roll a ball; you should just scoop and blob and plot it down.

Then you’ll end up with cookies like this:

Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies

I put them side by side so you can see the difference.  The ones you just plop down (on the left) compared to the cookies that are rolled into a ball (on the right):

Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies

It’s fun to play around with them! So…. you might be wondering…..

Can I Eat Cookies on the Keto Diet?

Of course, you can!   As long as they are keto-approved, then you can certainly enjoy keto cookies if they fit into your daily macros/calorie profile.  Not only that, but you can add a delicious keto milkshake to enjoy with them!  I mean….  cookies and a milkshake that are both keto?  YES PLEASE!

Always remember that you want to focus on real, whole foods but there is always a time and place for yummy keto chocolate chip cookies!

Is Allulose Keto Friendly?

Yes, allulose is keto and this allulose/monkfruit blend works perfectly in these monkfruit chocolate chip cookies!  These 3 are the easiest to substitute and are quite close in their proportions.

Check out this easy sugar conversion chart if you are looking to make a substitution.

Are Lily’s Chocolate Chips keto friendly?

You bet they are!  In fact, some people eat them as a little treat.  I’ve been known to grab a few chocolate chips to satisfy a sweet tooth.

They are sweetened with stevia and erythritol which are two sweeteners that I use all the time!

That all depends on the cookie!  These are a little over 2.5g per cookie.

Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies

Will Keto Cookies Sabotage My Weight Loss Efforts?

They don’t have to!  Now, if you are finding yourself eating cookies all day long and have hit a weight loss stall, you might want to evaluate!

In general, though, having a fun keto treat is perfectly fine.  Just remember that calories still matter!

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Low Carb and Keto Chocolate Cookies


How to Make the Best Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies

Preheat oven to 350 degrees and grease the cookie sheet (if needed). In a medium bowl, add butter and coconut oil. Beat with a hand mixer until combined. If the butter is not softened, use the warm melted coconut oil to help soften it.

How to Make Keto Macadamia Nut Cookies with White Chocolate Chips

Add monk fruit, egg, vanilla and almond to creamed butter mixture and combine further with hand beater. You can also add the optional coconut flour here as well.

In a separate medium bowl, combine almond flour, baking soda and salt and mix well. Add butter mixture to almond flour mixture and mix well with a hand beater.

How to Make Keto Macadamia Nut Cookies with White Chocolate Chips

Lastly, add chocolate chips and finish mixing.

Roll chocolate chip cookie dough into small balls and line baking sheet. Bake for 9-11 minutes and let cool on the counter.

Kitchen Essentials for Easy Keto Cookies

Nothing too fancy is needed for this recipe!

Baking sheet – I bet you already have one of those so I’m not worried!

Beaters – Yep, you probably have those too!   Definitely use them to get everything blended nice.

Wire rack – I think wire racks make such a huge difference when it comes to cookies. I think the sweet spot is to let them harden just slightly on the baking sheet after you remove them from the oven.

Then carefully slide the spatula under them and place them on the wire rack to finish hardening/cooking.

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Low Carb and Keto Chocolate Cookies

Keto Sweeteners


This was my first time using monkfruit.  I chose to use Non-GMO Lakanto Golden sweetener as well as the Non-GMO Lakanto regular sweetener.  I have to say it tasted pretty good.

After a while, however, I switched over to Wholesome Yum’s Sweeteners and Flours. The granular sweetener I use is now a Monk Fruit with Allulose sweetener and is Non-GMO of course. Their brown sweetener is also Monk Fruit with Allulose. You can save 10% with code TRINA10 and enjoy these new, healthy sweeteners!

Even though it is a 1:1 replacement, I still had to decrease the amount because it was super sweet, even for my kiddos.

The original recipe called for a TON of sugar and a ton of brown sugar.  This is why I chose to use both.

I actually really enjoy monkfruit.  It is a bit pricey, but well worth the price – especially if you need to replace brown sugar!

Keto Chocolate Chips

Are chocolate chips a good sweetener?  Well, not technically. But they can make or break a cookie recipe!

I suggest getting Lily’s Dark Chocolate Baking Chips.  Many people take a tiny handful and eat them for a little treat!  Very little carbs and tastes great!

Low Carb and Keto Chocolate Cookies

What is the Texture of These Easy Chocolate Chip Keto Cookies?

Without the optional coconut flour, they have a crunchier texture. WITH the optional coconut flour, they are fluffier and more of a chewy texture.

So you get to control the texture depending on whether or not you use coconut flour!

Enjoy these fluffy, keto chocolate chip cookies!  There is no reason a family recipe can’t still be a family recipe, even after it is keto-ized!

Where Can I Get More Keto Information?

If you are a reader and enjoy reading articles, head on over to my keto articles for some really good keto information.

If you are a podcast listener, then you must check out the Carbless Conversations Podcast!

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A stack of homemade Keto chocolate chip cookies with some scattered loose chocolate chips on a white plate, suggesting a cozy, freshly-baked low-carb treat.

Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies

Melt in your mouth low carb and keto chocolate chip cookies!
4.48 from 834 votes
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 11 minutes
Total Time 21 minutes
Course Keto Dessert
Cuisine keto
Servings 32
Calories 100 kcal



  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees and grease cookie sheet (if needed).
  • In a medium bowl, add butter and coconut oil. Beat with a hand mixer until combined. If the butter is not softened, use the warm melted coconut oil to help soften it.
  • Add monk fruit, egg, vanilla and almond to creamed butter mixture and combine further with hand beater. You can also add the optional coconut flour here as well.
  • In a separate medium bowl, combine almond flour, baking soda and salt and mix well.
  • Add butter mixture to almond flour mixture and mix well with hand beater.
  • Lastly, add chocolate chips and finish mixing.
  • Roll chocolate chip cookie dough into small balls and line baking sheet.
  • Bake for 9-11 minutes and let cool on counter.



Serving: 1cookieCalories: 100kcalCarbohydrates: 3.5gProtein: 1.98gFat: 9.5gSaturated Fat: 4.5gSodium: 39mgFiber: 1gSugar: 0.94g
Keyword Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies
Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!

228 thoughts on “Best Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies”

    1. Correct! You can leave out the golden monk fruit and it still tastes amazing. Or just add a bit more of the regular if you don’t have both.

          1. Mine are really dry I used coconut flour only because of allergies to the almonds. They are falling apart. Not sure what I did wrong. They don’t look like yours that’s for sure . When putting into balls were barely wet to stick together. What did I do wrong? Mine are like balls as well but when you bite into them they crumble. Hmmmm. Any ideas?

          2. You cannot substitute coconut flour for almond flour without making other adjustments. Coconut flour soaks up a LOT more liquid than almond flour so that that makes sense that they are very dry. The liquid parts for this recipe are meant for almond flour as the base.

      1. What happened? I did just as the recipe called for, and my cookies came out like chocolate chip cookie BALLS; they didn’t spread out at all! I had to flatten the remaining batches. My baking soda is brand new. Any ideas?

        1. I’m guessing you used the optional coconut flour! Next time, either omit the coconut or decrease the amount you used! The coconut flour makes them fluffy and hold their shape more. Without the coconut flour, you get the crispy, flatter, traditional cookies!

        1. Loved this recipe! Only complaint which isn’t really one because they were still great was the cookies took a little longer then listed time, but still were really amazing!

        2. These are the best keto cookies ever! I tried other recipes on other sites, and they just made me miserable.
          These cookies definitely will satisfy your sweet tooth.

      1. I made the cookies following the recipe exactly and they were not very fluffy. I included the coconut flour as well. Could it be my butter was too melted?

        1. Probably! Butter is super fickle in recipes. It makes things turn out quite different if it is cold vs warm. Another thing to try to refrigerate the dough for 30 minutes before making the dough balls. Cold dough helps too!

        2. Hi could I use olive oil instead of coconut oil, am just concerned about the Hight saturated fat in coconut oil. If not what could I substitute the oil with a healthier version. Thank you.

          1. You can certainly try it! The flavor will be different, but there are other recipes of mine where I use olive oil instead of coconut oil. Let me know how it turns out!

        1. I LOVE these-by far the BEST keto choc chip cookie….I was wondering if you can make another type of cookie out of this dough?

          1. Great to hear! You can make any type of cookie you want with this dough. White chocolate chips, or nuts, or leave out the chips and add some cinnamon. Play around with it!

      1. I made them with Lakanto chocolate chips sweetened with monk fruit!
        And mine took a lot longer to bake.
        Turned out yummy.
        Thanks for the recipe

      1. The recipe is meant to be modified for both thin and crispy as well as fluffy and chewy. If you read the post, it will give you ideas for how to adjust the ingredients slightly (with coconut flour) to either achieve the super flat, crispy cookie or the fluffier kind! I hope this helps!

    1. You subtract the fiber for net carbs, so approx 2.8. Now, the nutrition calculator often overestimates the chocolate chips since I don’t think it has Lily’s in its database. But I just let it go because I’d rather have it calculate on the high side than low side!

        1. Hi, are the cookies in your picture of this actual recipe? Mine look a bit grainy due to the almond flour. Yours look like cookies made from wheat flour. Thanks.

          1. Yes of course. We are a gluten free house due to my son’s celiac disease so we do not use wheat flour. If yours are grainy due to the almond flour, then I would suggest a finer ground almond flour.

        1. Yes, unless you have something suitable to replace it with. I am, however, working on a different chocolate chip cookie recipe that does not have coconut oil at all. So stay tuned for that!

      1. I substituted olive oil for coconut oil and 1 cup of allulose for the monk fruit you wouldn’t even know the difference between these and non keto very delicious

        1. Patricia Hamilton

          I made these exactly as you prepared in the video. They are amazing! Fluffed way up, which scared me, but after cooling they were as close to perfect as my husband and I have yet in keto life style! I did have to adjust time to 12 mins for the first batch to get a little brown on top, but sure that was just the difference in ovens. Thank you!!

      1. My guess is that you used too much optional coconut flour. They will only not spread out as much if coconut flour is used. The more you use, the fluffier they stay.

      2. Best keto chocolate chip cookie by far! I prepared/prepped to make these keto cookies for days. I read and followed your recipe/video,to the tee, they turned out GREAT! I only made 30 cookies tho but no big deal.
        I just have one question and that’s the storage option for these cookies. Can they sit on the counter or must they be refrigerated?
        Thank you soooo much for sharing this wonderful recipe.

  1. Could I substitute the monk fruit sweetner with Swerve? If so would I need to increase the amount of Swerve I add to make up for the lost sweetness. Thanks 🙂

    1. Yes! From what I can find, the substitute should be 1:1. I used a chart on ruled.me and these 2 had the same proportions.

      1. So is there a “brown sugar” Swerve I should be subbing or am I using granulated Swerve to substitute both types of monk fruit sweetener alone?

        1. Yes there IS a brown swerve! You could use just regular swerve if you wanted to. In the non-keto version, the brown sugar just adds a special flavor and I feel it does in the keto version as well. However, it is not 100% necessary and you certainly could sub with just regular.

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        1. Very good & chewy. Didn’t use quite as much white monkfruit as suggested…added a little granulated stevia instead. Used 1 tbsp coconut flour as recommended.

      1. I’m so excited about this recipe- I have a diabetic mother + grandmother and I just want to make them something nice for Christmas haha. My almond flour is so grainy so I think I’m gonna try to put it in the food processor maybe? I want them fluffy like yours! Thank you for this 🙂 Cheers

      1. I sure did! If you look through the post, you can see the different pictures of the different versions!

  4. Nicki Jaramillo

    Can I use the blanched almond flour on these cookies? My husband does not like the texture of things made with the regular almond flour.

  5. These cookies are life changing!!! I knew these were going to be good when I tasted the batter (10/10). Thank you for sharing this recipe and for giving me a sweet treat to enjoy without feeling guilty or going off my diet.

      1. They should be, yes. I do not simply because they don’t last long in my house and are gone within 24 hours. I always advise people to store in the fridge to ensure their freshness, however.

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  7. Do you have to add any more liquid if you add the coconut flour? I have heard coconut flour pulls a lot of moisture.

    1. NOPE! You are correct in that coconut flour soaks up liquid. The reason for the optional coconut flour is to soak up a bit more of the *existing* “liquid” and it fluffs up the cookies a bit. It makes them softer and more spongy. If you like them thinner and crispier, leave it out!

  8. How long do these cookies last? Maybe a few days? I just made a batch of them and my husband is in love!! Thank you for the awesome recipe 🙂

    1. Glad to hear it! I’ve had them on my counter in an airtight container for about a week. They are normally gone after that. If you feel they may not be eaten by then, you can also freeze them!

  9. We followed your directions exactly…. however, ours won’t stay together. Any advice? These taste AMAZING! I would just love to be able to pick it up and eat it as a cookie.

    1. Did you eat them warm or allow them to cool? Sometimes they need to cool completely before they totally hold their shape!

  10. Hi! I love these cookies..I have made them both with and without coconut flour and they tend to fall apart easily..? an I doing something wrong?

    1. I noticed my dough looked a little too wet. I put it in the fridge for 10Mins but even with that the cookies came out very flat and brittle. I used Superfine Blanched Almond flour and wonder if that might be the problem. Any recommendations on what to change for the next batch I try?

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    1. Salted! You don’t roll the dough (unless you are talking about rolling it in a ball). If you are, then if it is too sticky, you can refrigerate it for 10 minutes or wet your hands. Either works well. Or just use a scooper and plop it down on the baking sheet!

  12. This were awesome! Very fragile until they cool down and then perfect. My were much smaller and not sure how the yield is 32 cookies though. Otherwise…these satisfied my craving – thanks for sharing!

    1. Coconut oil will be in solid form below 76 degrees and in liquid form above 76 degrees. So, whether it starts out solid or liquid depends on the temperature of the room it is in.

      1. I have the liquid cooking coconut oil. So I’m gathering that I can use that for the cookies. Instead of going and buying the solid and melting it

        1. Interesting! I’ve never heard of that. I wonder if it contains other ingredients that allow it to remain liquid. I cannot answer as to if that will work or not since I’ve never used it!

    2. I’m making these for type 1 diabetic I used monk sweetner as well as splenda brown sugar and the krisda choc chips they turned out great but I only got 16 cookies are they still low carb per cookie

  13. My favorite choc chip cookie recipe yet! Thank you!
    I made 12 giant cookies and baked for 15 minutes. Delicious!! Look and taste like the real deal.

    1. Mine are usually about 2 inches. I use the optional coconut flour so they are thicker and smaller. I don’t make larger cookies! That’s the great thing about cookies is that you get to make whatever size you want! You can see in the pictures the size that I make!

  14. I hope these are as good as the dough tasted! They are in the oven now. Can’t wait to try them. They smell amazing.

  15. Absolutely delish!! But they are super crumbly . Like could never stack them like your pic. Matter of fact putting them in a plate even broke them thankfully they taste amazing but not really cookie texture at all . I wonder if I did something wrong!

    1. Not at all! They are super delicate if you manipulate them while warm. If you wait until they are FULLY cooled, you’ll be fine!

  16. Mine came out perfect added coconut flour so nice and fluffy exactly 32 cookies thank you for a great little piece of heaven

  17. Wow, these are delicious! I have been tried other Keto Chocolate Chip cookie recipes and this one is hands down the best. Thank you so much!

    I did not have almond extract and just added little bit of more vanilla extract. I also did not have golden monk fruit. I added little bit of extra regular monk fruit and they turned out absolutely delicious!

    1. Hi so I’m extremely sensitive to milk and I was wondering what you’d suggest I should use instead of butter… any ideas? Thanks!!

      1. That is a tough one. I am honestly not sure what would work in place of butter for this particular recipe. There are definitely dairy substitutes, but I have not tried any for these cookies. If you end up trying a substitute, let me know how it turns out!

  18. These were delicious! I added a tsp of xantham gum to help them stick together and add a little fluffiness. I also added 1/3 chopped pecans for a change. 10/10 recommend!

  19. Made these they are awesome. First ones didn’t come out right(was my fault) and was bound and determined to make again. They are great and yes pecans would be great in them..thank you for the easy recipe!!!

  20. Trina, I’ve been searching for a chocolate chip cookie recipe that would resemble my family recipe, since I started keto a year and a half ago, to no avail…. When I found your site and saw that you were trying to keto-ice your own family recipe, I could see I was at the right place. Having been a baker for years, I know the difficulties of writing and testing new recipes. I can’t thank you enough for creating what I believe is the perfect chocolate chips cookie recipe and sharing it with all of us. It’s a mostly thankless job, I know, but I am thanking you NOW and will be thanking you every time I eat one of these delicious cookies. I tasted the dough every step of the way and followed your directions almost to the letter. My biggest deviation was adding a 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon because it’s something I’ve always done to mine. I would say to anyone else that despite the temptation to eat them warm straight out of the oven… DON’T! The Trick here, if there is one, is to let them cool completely (about 10-15 minutes), before trying to move them or eat them. This, as you said yourself, helps them to finish setting up and then they are perfect. I used more of the Golden than the classic instead of the other way around, because my own family recipe relies on that lovely brown sugar flavor. I wish I could find a better brown sugar substitute than the Monkfruit golden because it isn’t quite ‘brown sugar tasting’ enough for me, but it’s the closest thing I’ve seen so far.

    Mine came out looking just like your pictures and my batch yielded 33 cookies.(I use a cookie scoop). Thank you thank you thank you! (My husband didn’t even know they were keto! 😉). I cannot wait to try some of your other recipes!

  21. Roxanne Whalen

    I used swerve for both sugar replacements. I have to say. This is the best cookie recipe I have ever tasted. I gave one to my non-keto friends and they couldn’t even tell the difference. So happy. Thanks for sharing! ❤️ They are delish!

  22. Bob-in-Cincinnati

    A few months ago I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. So I have been testing a lot of low card recipes. The chocolate chip cookie recipe is one hit the mark. I used regular chocolate chips vs. the low carb ones and saw very little impact on my blood sugar. The cookies tasted very good and had a different texture. But overall I can use these as a sweet treat without the worry of raising my blood sugar like a normal chocolate chip cookie.

    1. These are BY FAR the BEST keto chocolate chip cookies I have ever had!! All of the other recipes I have tried were dry and sandy or were tasteless. The addition of almond extract just adds a whole other level. Crispy around the edges and soft but not cakey in the center. I had to leave the kitchen before I ate the whole tray!!!

    1. It is most definitely not essential! You can just add a bit more vanilla and it will be just as good! I just like the added flavor it gives, but I made it for YEARS without it first!

      1. Made these for the first time and they were a bit more fluffy than expected but I also used the coconut flour (2tbsp) I think next time I will skip the coconut flour as I think it made them more crumbley. Still very yummy! Love the choc chips!

  23. Amazing recipe, I have never added Almond extract in a chocolate chip cookie recipe but it was perfect. I chilled my 2nd batch while the 1st batch baked, results were a fluffier cookie. Thank you!!!

  24. These cookies are delicious…even my daughter loved it. She usually turns up her nose at keto cookies, but these were so good. I used keto milk chocolate chip, so it was more palatable to her taste buds.

        1. How much coconut flour did you use? The more you use, the more they hold their shape and stay fluffy. The cookies flatten fully without any coconut flour.

  25. Just made these. Very tasty. Thank you for sharing. I made mini chocolate chip cookies so I got over 50 cookies. Just the right size for my tea.

    1. Made these today for my hubs bday. I will need to get some true superfine almond flour as the big discount stores flour isn’t true superfine and they are a little grainy. The texture and taste however is fantastic. Like a real choc chip cookie! Will be a regular from now on.

      My hubs loved them and was so excited to get some again. On a super duper plus side … He’s type 2 and his A1C got up to 9.3… doc started talking inulin… Huh uh! No in my house! We started low carb and it won’t to 6.4… in 5 months. I’m grateful to people like you who take the time and your recourses to experiment with this stuff. You are a blessing.

        1. Not really. They are not interchangeable. I mean, you probably could be altering other things as well, but not as a direct substitution. And I’ve actually tried to do that as an experiment and it did not turn out!

  26. WOW, these are super tasty! I am currently making them and have eaten 2 from the first batch! lol. I used Swerve for both sugars, sugar free chocolate chips, and added 1 & 1/2 Tablespoon coconut flour. 2 tumbs up on that move!
    My husband will soo love them too as he is on board with healthier choices.
    Thank you 🙂

  27. These were amazing! Soft and chewy, I had to use almonds for the nuts because thats all I had but still excellent. My sweet tooth thanks you!

  28. AMAZING recipe! the best chewy keto cookie I’ve had!
    Subbed in swerve and swerve brown sugar instead.
    also swapped out the coconut oil for olive oil.
    Amazing texture, just wasn’t as sweet as I would have liked. I imagine the coconut oil would have helped sweeten it up a bit. next time will add more swerve!

    Oh and I also added 1/2 teaspoon of xantham gum.


    1. You didn’t do anything wrong! The base recipe is for thin, crispy cookies. If you add a bit of coconut flour (as described in the post) it will fluff them right up! People are very specific about how they like their cookies, so I made this recipe versatile for everyone and the key is to vary the coconut flour!

  29. I am a T2D and I have tried at least a dozen different recipes for keto chocolate chip cookies in the past year. Some have been okay, but I’m always left wishing the texture was better. I made a batch of these tonight, waited ten minutes, and just now ate one. 🙂 Wow! These are SO good! By far the closest to “the real thing” I’ve ever had! This will now be the only chocolate chip cookie I’ll ever make; and I can’t wait to try some of your other recipes!
    (By the way, the commenters are right: the dough is good, too!) Thank you for this baked gift.

      1. These are fantastic! I made them with ethorol the first time and although they were very tasty, the cooling sensation bothered me a bit. The second time I made them I used monkfruit and it made a big difference. This is definitely going to be my go to recipe! Thank you for all the time you put into your recipes. I purchased your cookbooks and look forward to trying more!

      2. Maerose Bocchetti

        I never post comments on recipes, even though I usually read them to decide if I want to make something, but I HAD to for these cookies. I am in LOVE, my partner is on Keto and so I’ve been cooking/baking that way for awhile and these are the best cookies ever. They have the same texture, taste, and smell of non keto cookies. I added a TBSP of expresso, doubled the vanilla instead of almond extract, used olive oil instead of coconut oil and used all white Lakanto sugar. I’ve since bought all those things. Regardless of the changes, they were BRILLIANT! They spread like real cookies, had crunchy, crumbly edges, and a soft middle w pockets of glorious choc. I would eat these over a white flour and sugar cookie any day.

  30. By far the best chocolate chip keto recipe. I make mine with ChocZero baking chips. I’m curious to understand the reason you use butter and coconut oil to make these cookies?

  31. Sooo good! I have tried many keto low carb chocolate chip cookie recipes and this one was the first that actually tastes like a real cookie! My boyfriend gets fresh baked cookies every night and these are his favorites!

    Thanks for the recipe!


  32. These were really delicious. I added 1 tablespoon of coconut flour. And I didn’t have brown sweetener, so I upped the white sweetener to 1/2 cup. I also didn’t have almond extract so I doubled vanilla. Even with these variations it was awesome.

  33. I would so like to give big “THANK YOU” these were delish!!! Have been on kito for about 3 months now..and doing great! but have missed a few treats now and again ;( but have to say after trying so many other recipes to no avail. I have now found my new most favorite cookie recipe which will be my forever one!! even my husband really likes them. thats a big win for me!! will be trying many,many more from you Trina! and they also looked great too. followed the recipe as were written. (loved the slight hint of almond)!

  34. I made these recently and I’ve made them even chewier! Add 1 thsp peanut butter and 2 tsp xanthan gum. They will be like regular cookies!

  35. These turned out great! When they first came out of the oven they were soft and I was afraid they wouldn’t be crispy. But once they cooled they crisped up. We added chopped pecans to half. Both with and with out were great!

  36. These are the chocolate chip cookies you are looking for… I have tried so many recipes- including one recipe that was voted a “Best of”- they tasted like your typical keto baked good. THESE COOKIES are basically that famous brand name cookie recipe of old- with keto ingredients. I use a mix of chips in them (try them with lily’s caramel chocolate chips WOW and add some pecan pieces and they are truly special. I don’t make them often because I can’t keep my hands off of them.
    I don’t use the coconut flour, and my typical brand of golden (I don’t care for lakanto- it has a weird aftertaste) has been out of stock for months, so I use about half a teaspoon of blackstrap molasses (I know, I know, but it’s a superfood, and doing the math on 1/2 tsp of blackstrap in a recipe that makes 20+ cookies- it’s negligible).
    You can stop scouring chocolate chip cookie recipes now. You found the gold standard right here.

  37. I am a little confused about the carb content? You say about 2.5g net carbs per cookie, but in the nutrition information it has CARBS: 2.63g and 1.6, FIBER, Would the new carbs then be 1.02g (Carbs – Fiber)?

    Thank you so much!

  38. I have tried so many chocolate chip cookie recipes and almost gave up until trying this one, I used swerve sugars, no aftertaste, just like cookies I used to make but healthier. Thank you.

  39. I literally made this recipe 3 times in the past two weeks. We love it. And they definitely haven’t kicked me out of keto. I have to hide them from my father-in-law because he eats them all and he’s not on keto. We made some awesome oatmeal cookies for him and he still dives into these. Thanks so much for this recipe.

  40. Made these for a friend’s Birthday and they turned out perfect. I used a cookie scoop but underscooped so it wasn’t all the way full. After gently rolling them they were perfect 1” balls and it yielded exactly 32 cookies. We liked them baked at the full 11am as they crisp up on the bottom while resting on the cookie sheet. My kiddos stole a couple and they loved them too! Thanks for the awesome recipe 🤗

  41. Thank you, can’t wait to make this! I wasn’t able to eat any of the delicious cookies and treats at the Holidays but I’m glad I found this recipe now at least. Also, at the end of the video so cute!

  42. Good cookies!!! I didn’t have almond flavoring so just used vanilla. I also added crushed dark chocolate bars and pecans. Yum!! They really curb my family’s sweet tooth.
    Thank you!

  43. These are AMAZING! I love them and my non keto, “very-picky-about-baked-goods” husband loves them too! Thanks for sharing ☺️

  44. I’m a real cookie lover and trying keto has been a challenge. I want to avoid sugar, but everything had tasted fake to me — until I made these cookies! I used the coconut flour and mine looked lumpy, but were a perfect texture. My husband loves them also, and he’s not easy to please. The bit of almond extract seemed to have a huge impact on flavor, so they almost had a bit of an almond macaroon style, which is ideal for me. Many thanks!

  45. These were great & my diabetic husband loved them also. I doubled the recipe & I did add just a bit more almond flour as my batter seemed a little sticky. I put it in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes before baking & they came out wonderful. The tip on letting them cool completely is a must. Thank you!

  46. 5 stars
    yummy cookies even though I over baked them!!! I was worried because I had very wet dough even though I had the extra coconut flour. I think it is because how I had extra fats?
    I had not enough butter so i tossed in some shortening. and i didn’t have brown sugar so i tossed in some molasses. I probably murdered your recipe but dang they were so yummy even with my changes and my over baking them.

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