Hello there and welcome!  For those that don’t know me I am a Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Health Coach, Holistic Iridologist, and Certified Dietary Supplement Specialist. I am dedicated to helping women live their best life with a happy body, happy gut, happy immune system, and happy heart.

My passion for low carb lifestyles shines through in my approach to whole body health. I believe strongly in the body’s ability to heal itself and I love to co-create individual client blueprints that will unleash energy, release unwanted weight, and bring back that radiant smile. I am honored to empower women to begin their self healing journey to the body and life they desire.

trina krug


After 20 years in the software engineering field, I went back to graduate school and earned my Master’s Degree in Complementary Alternative Medicine with the focus in Holistic Nutrition!

Good thing I switched paths because in early 2017, I had a big problem to solve.

Despite leading a Paleo lifestyle that involved consistent exercise and clean-eating, I was diagnosed as prediabetic. Though this was incorrect (I was later correctly diagnosed with Adult Onset Type 1 Diabetes), the reality was the same: I needed to lower my blood sugar.

So my engineering brain took over. I needed a system that would allow me to overcome this obstacle.

Which is how I discovered the diet that overhauled my health and changed my life (in case you haven’t guessed it yet, that diet is Keto.)

Trina Krug

Why I'm passionate about keto!

I’m not exaggerating when I say that Keto changed my life.

I lowered my blood sugars, I took control of my health, I have more energy and improved moods, and I even lost that stubborn 10 pounds of “I’ve had 4 babies” weight. I didn’t get into Keto for the weight loss, but I’ll take the benefit.

There’s also nothing wrong with starting Keto for weight loss. The problem is that when so many people talk about Keto as a weight-loss miracle, it’s easy to write it off as just another fad diet.  It’s not.

Keto is a lifestyle that has improved the health of so many people. It just so happens to also be great for weight loss.

I fully believe that we can heal our bodies through nutrition. And that’s why I’m here to share everything I can to help YOU learn about Keto, how to do it the right way, and how to start experiencing all the incredible benefits I have.

But I don't stop there!

As a perimenopausal woman with several autoimmune conditions, there is so much more to happy, stress free living than simply keto.  Hormones, gut, thyroid, ALL the things! 

My focus is holistic in nature and covers the whole body and the whole person. 

Oh, and if you are curious about Holistic Iridology, make sure to let me know!

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