6 Month Coaching

Energetics of Health

6 Months to a New You


2 Sessions Per Month


7 Day Full Meal Guide



Going Keto Guide eBook


2 90 Minute Energy Healing Session (value $290)

Guided Breathwork Session (value $199)

Guided Hypnosis for Discovering Your Best Self (value $449)

Do You Want to.....

  • restore your natural body's energy?
  • decrease brain fog?
  • learn healthy food choices specific for your body?
  • release stuck energy and emotion?
  • restore your body to health naturally?
  • learn to remove chemicals from your environment?
  • redisdcover your inner joy?
  • wake up happy and full of energy every day?
  • live life like you just got out of an ice bath?

Yeah, me too!


Trina is amazing to work with - super positive and encouraging. She communicated support when I got off track that was helpful and didn't make me feel guilty or patronized. She is also a fantastic role model - practicing what she advises on right alongside you which is a great motivator.

I love your program.  I've definitely not been perfect, but each day when I see your email it makes me stop and think about what I'm doing and how I'm eating....Your videos and daily emails are informative and thought provoking.  Thank you for sharing all the great recipes.  I'm looking forward to more great information.

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